Bottled Water becoming Liquid Gold!

  wids001 08:05 23 Nov 10

As reported by the BBC

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Me, I'll stick to tap water! Peckham Spring comes to mind!

The French sell us Evian in big quantities .. What does that spell backwards - Naive!!!!

Says it all

  gengiscant 08:20 23 Nov 10

Bottled water is a classic example of a global con,sorry, marketing success story.

I will admit the only time I have tasted bottled water was when we had a mains supply problem in our area and the the council issued cases of the stuff whilst the problem was sorted.

I must be missing something because it tasted no different from the stuff I get from the tap.

Perhaps it is very useful in countries that have water purity issues, but here in the UK, nonsense,and why the ridiculous price?

  BT 08:36 23 Nov 10

Probably because it wasn't any different.
A lot of bottled water IS tap water, especially the basic stuff the water companies dish out when there's a mains problem.

I must admit to buying bottled water, but not the obscenely overpriced big names. We buy Lidl's carbonated spring water for 26p a 1.5 litre bottle. Its got a nice refreshing taste and is nothing like tap water, and adds a nice extra tingle to squashes.

  jack 08:43 23 Nov 10

Don't like the stuff, never touch it.
Coffee Red Bush Tea and Guinness in that order
Occasionally shower and some does go into the washing machine when I remember

  jack 08:46 23 Nov 10

Those clutching of a bottle of H2O in one hand and mobile device in the other does seem to be a sign of the perambulating public at large
It must me a 'must do' thing rather than need in either case.

  interzone55 08:49 23 Nov 10

I buy bottled water when travelling as I really don't like the taste of tap water in many parts of the country.

Being born & bred in Lancashire I've got used to the water here. I don't like the stuff in Birmingham, and London water is nasty.

It's a matter of preference, I'm sure Londoners like their water and hate mine, just like some people like Fosters lager and I can't stand the stuff...

  Quickbeam 09:05 23 Nov 10

I buy Morrisons carbonated water because the tap water has a chlorinated taste around our way. 30 years ago it came from underground bore holes and was much better to drink, in effect it was a still mineral water from the tap and was as good as any untreated mountain stream water. But at some indeterminate time they changed it to a supply that's treated more heavily than the borehole water was. To my mind it then became undrinkable and I prefer the refreshing carbonated kind if I'm going pay for it.

  anchor 09:50 23 Nov 10

Why is bottled water so expensive here?; even the unbranded versions are not cheap.

In France and Crete I am able to buy 1.50 litres of some brands in the supermarket for about 18p - 20p.

Yes, local tap water can have a slight residual chlorine taste, but our Brita filter jug removes that, together with the excess calcium that builds up on up kettles.

  pavvi 10:45 23 Nov 10

and they did a blind tasting with top hotel sommaliers. The one picked out by most as the best was London tap water. The bottom was one of the most expensive.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:21 23 Nov 10

Bottled water is the Emperor's new Clothes.


  Quickbeam 11:43 23 Nov 10

Am I still OK to buy bottled Ent-draught? I swear by it's tonic value...

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