Born Survivor: Bear Grylls

  donki 10:51 16 Apr 08

Anyone else watching the new series on the Discovery channel? I really find this a fascinating program. Just shows what the human body can be put through and how natives have adapted themselves to some of the harshest climates on the planet.

  sunny staines 14:11 16 Apr 08

good viewing but bear in mind at lot of it is stage managed for the cameras.

  beynac 14:21 16 Apr 08

I've watched a few episodes and enjoyed them. Personally, I don't think that the programme is misleading viewers. It is made clear in the introduction that a lot of the stunts are set up in order to demonstrate survival techniques, rather than being real survival situations. He also very often says that he will not be sleeping in the shelters he builds.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:25 16 Apr 08

Anyone that climbs inside a dead camel to remove *ahem* solid waste, so that he can squeeze out the liquid to drink, is hard by any standards. IIRC, he used to be in the SAS so one can assume that he might fare better than any of his detractors sitting in their comfy chairs. Some very interesting tips as well.


  Cymro. 15:05 16 Apr 08

Please enlighten me Gandalf what are these very interesting tips exactly?.
I have not seen the program.

  donki 15:37 16 Apr 08

I liked last nites episode where he "stumbled across" a woodsman in the Tiger Forest in Serbia and the woodsman showed how they drank the blood of Yaks which had just been slaughtered. Bear then gutted the Yak ate its liver raw and an eye ball, both of which the woodsman said were the parts he and his family would eat first.

Its just fasinating how we in the UK go on about cookign our food properly and keeping everythign clean. The woodsman was 84 and going strong.

Roll on next Tuesday.

  sunny staines 15:56 16 Apr 08

missed last nights will have to look for the repeats on sky.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:14 16 Apr 08

'Please enlighten me Gandalf what are these very interesting tips exactly?'..I thought that I had mentioned one unless this is common in Wales. click here has more tips and I'm sure a quick Google will enlighten you.


  donki 17:24 16 Apr 08

Last weeks episode was repeated at 8pm on Discovery just before the new episode on Tuesday. :)

  Earthsea 17:36 16 Apr 08

I watched the one on C4 on Sunday. He was in the Sahara eating scorpions and said they tasted like a ball of pus exploding in his mouth. Still, probably healthier than vitamin supplements.

  sunny staines 17:47 16 Apr 08


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