Boris's Cycling Legacy

  Quickbeam 13:34 10 Aug 12

Hat's off to Boris for striking while the iron is still hot a he announces an annual elite and amateur cycling weekend every August as part of moving the legacy theme forward.

  canarieslover 15:53 10 Aug 12

I can only wish him 'best of luck' with it and I hope it does promote more interest in cycling. If it is a nice dry day it will undoubtably get the people turning out. The biggest problem that cycling faces in this country is the weather and it is very noticeable that the number of cyclists on the road diminishes in almost direct proportion to the amount of rain falling. Yes the committed cyclists are still out there but the casual cyclists go back to the bus, car or train. Oh to live in drier climate!!

  rdave13 16:12 10 Aug 12

canarieslover , that is also true of the motor-biker around our area.

  Terry Brown 21:50 10 Aug 12

The same applies to pedistrians, who go for a walk in the park


  rdave13 21:56 10 Aug 12

Terry Brown ,not true. My lad plays outside whatever the weather. :(

'Tis me who's got to find him...

  Aitchbee 22:40 10 Aug 12

I've seen two local Bicycle shops close recently ... one is now a fast-food takeaway outlet, the other one is now a Hairdressers.

I can not see this trend being reversed just because Team GB won a lot of Gold/Silver Medals in cycling.

  Woolwell 22:55 10 Aug 12

AitchBee - I think that you may be wrong. I know someone who has bought a bike this week.

  Quickbeam 07:08 11 Aug 12

I predict that this Christmas will be a new bike Christmas amongst the kids of GB.

  namtas 09:29 11 Aug 12

Cycling numbers would increase ten fold if there were more safe vehicle free routes, especially routes to schools, traffic and cycling just do not mix.

  Woolwell 10:15 11 Aug 12

namtas - the problem in my area is that the cyclists don't use the cycle paths but instead mix it with the normal traffic weaving in and out on roundabouts, etc.

  bremner 10:29 11 Aug 12

For cycling to take off in this country it needs a change in attitude by existing cyclists, motor vehicle drivers, central government and local authorities.

So therefore there will be no change.


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