Bored Cricketers

  ulrich 19:21 31 Mar 07

I was deeply distressed to see that our poor cricketers have been bored in the Caribean this last week. Have they not heard of dominoes, Monoply or even that incredible game Snakes and Ladders. Due to the hardship these Men of England are going through should the Government and People of England not do something. A petition should be sent immediately to the Prime Minister or Mr Brown whoever is in charge.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:27 31 Mar 07

Practicing? - I'm sure they have heard of it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:48 31 Mar 07

Personally I would make this bunch of wasters paddle back to the UK. I have an extremely low opinion of most UK sports people.


  Jackcoms 19:53 31 Mar 07

"our poor cricketers have been bored"

The bars and pubs must have been closed.

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