Booze tax

  Jak_1 14:11 27 Oct 06

So, Patricia Hewitt wants Gordon Brown to raise the tax on booze to curb teenage binge drinking. What absolute drivel, the woman has lost control of her senses if she thinks that is going to work. All it will succeede in doing is anger all of us sensible drinkers who are already paying a high rate of tax so we can enjoy a drink. Why should we pay for the 'out of control teenage bingers' with our hard earned money. Yet another stealth tax and proof that the government is inept. Why should I pay dearly for someone elses uncontrollable offspring. If the teenagers want to drink themselves to death then that is their and their families problem to deal with.
I know that it costs a fortune for the NHS to treat them, alcohol education could be quite easily be included in the school curriculum, if the kids attended that is!

  Cymro. 14:25 27 Oct 06

I doubt if it would make all that much difference to the kids anyway as no government would ever dare to put alcohol prices up high enough to make any difference. If any government did such a thing they would be even more certain to loose the next election. As for the government being inept, if they ever bought in anything like this then they really would be inept, almost as inept as the last lot we had in.
Are we alowed to discuss politics the forum?

  Jak_1 14:37 27 Oct 06

Yep, it's open house within reason.

  Cymro. 14:40 27 Oct 06

Politics is never within reason, but then neither am I, so I can go for it then.

  Tugwilson 15:04 27 Oct 06

As a non-drinker i think it should be taxed to the hilt,also they should make it illegal to drink in sight of the public.Take a leaf from the no smoking lobby(only messing,dont worry)

  Cymro. 15:35 27 Oct 06

They (whoever they are) are now setting up "no drinking zones" in some places so I suppose that is the sort of thing you mean.
As for taxing it to the hilt, they would never dare as the public would not put up with it.

  scotmax 16:04 27 Oct 06

Perhaps the government should have a “Department of Silly Walks”, for all the knee jerk legislation that they currently have on the statute books. Also that the various ministers seem inclined to dream up.
I cannot see a tax hike on alcopops really hurting their pockets, their parents pockets maybe or were ever they obtain their GBP's from.
This must shurely be a case for both education on the effects of alcohol coupled with a withdrawl of the advertising of these products, after all the advertising is aimed at the younger end of the drinkers age scale. Of course this again raises the problem of the sale of these products and how much must the law be tightened on the age range, for example should the minimum age for the purchase of alcohol be raised to 21 and on the production of a passport if they are fortunate to look younger than they are.
Patricia Hewitt being the Health Minister has perhaps another way to help fight this problem, rather on the lines of those unfortunate people involved in a Road Traffic Accident, who later get the bill for their emergency treatment, this could be implemented for all those people who have to receive emergency treatment for drunkenness / alcoholic poisoning and it's consequences.

  Kate B 17:52 27 Oct 06

What is wrong with imposing punitive taxes on a habit that most people acquire too early and which costs the NHS a fortune? Incidentally, I think the idea is specifically to ramp up the tax on alcopops, which are the drinks most attractive to kids. I don't think alcopops are a good thing at all. They encourage kids to treat booze like soft drinks and they're pretty disgusting, too.

  anskyber 17:52 27 Oct 06

It'll be good for my liver.

  ulrich 18:16 27 Oct 06

Whilst playing Il2 Sturmovik and sinking a pint of cider it came to me Ban Drinking alchohol in pubs.

  Cymro. 18:21 27 Oct 06

The way some pubs are ran these days no one over 18 goes in to them anyway.

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