Blue is not the colour - it's red

  peter99co 21:08 11 Mar 08

This is a bit revealing about:- Football click here

  Bingalau 21:16 11 Mar 08

What a load of Codswallop!

  bremner 21:18 11 Mar 08

Or it could be coincidence.

Real Madrid, the most successful club side wear white.

Brazil the most successful international team wear yellow.

  MAT ALAN 21:20 11 Mar 08

So, what colour shirts where england wearing when they won the world cup, and what have they won since...

  Miros 21:21 11 Mar 08

What about the time Man U got slaughtered wearing grey didn't the Scottish knight saying they couldn't find each other, or something like that :- )

  WhiteTruckMan 21:27 11 Mar 08

go faster than blue ones. I thought everyone knew that!


  MAT ALAN 21:40 11 Mar 08

thought White ones went faster than anything...

  Strawballs 22:13 11 Mar 08

What colour was Pompey wearing Saturday? Oh yes their usual BLUE

  Miros 11:17 13 Mar 08

I Thought it was the ref.

  Scillonia 12:36 13 Mar 08

Charlton and Bristol City wear red, Champions League coming soon???

  Miros 12:43 13 Mar 08

Don't forget Barnsley, Made Liverpool Blue, and Chelsea even Bluer.

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