Blue Badge Scheme

  lucky1 12 Apr 11

On renewing my wife's blue badge today I found that our local council now charges £20 for this. It was free before. Is this just a local thing to us (Falkirk Council) or is it the same nationwide now?

  peter99co 12 Apr 11

From the maximum fee a local authority can charge for a Blue Badge will increase from £2 to £10

Blue badge website

  Nontek 12 Apr 11

My recent renewal cost me £2 - Cheshire Council.

  peter99co 12 Apr 11
  lucky1 12 Apr 11

peter99co - thanks for the useful links.

  spuds 12 Apr 11

If you check out the Falkirk Council's own website, you will find that it states- from 1st April 2010 the fee for a blue badge is £20.00 and £10.00 for a duplicate.

Each council in the UK have their own rules about fees for administration.

Living in Scotland also brings surprises regarding using Blue Badges in England. In England you are automatically provided with a cardboard clock for setting the times allowed. If you intend to travel over the border from Scotland, you will need to 'borrow/loan' a clock from your local Scottish authority. Many a Scottish blue badge visitor might fall foul to an English Parking Attendant for not displaying a clock!.

  morddwyd 13 Apr 11

I was also stunned to find that in England I was expected to pay for parking!

The only two car parks I know that charge blue badge holders in Scotland are run by English management companies.

  hssutton 13 Apr 11


As a parent of a severely disabled daughter I wish that every Blue Badge holder had to pay for parking, maybe then the wide bays would not be hogged by people that do not need them.

  Bingalau 13 Apr 11

hssutton. You have a good point there. It could maybe stop the baddies from using them. Then again it may not! I recently renewed my blue badge for free, so the amount charged must be down to your local council.

  Bingalau 13 Apr 11

Maybe it is a good way of getting back the money you don't pay for prescriptions north of the border. If that is the case, there must be an awful lot of blue badge holders up there.

  Woolwell 13 Apr 11

Blue badge holders should certainly get priority parking places but I don't see why they should be able to park for free as well.


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