Blood pigs,

  wolfie3000 00:09 10 Jul 07

Just heard a song on the radio called "blood pigs",
Well i think thats the title but i cant find out which artist sang it?

Google came up with not alot, so any ideas?

  mrwoowoo 00:17 10 Jul 07

i think it's by otep whatever that means.If this is the right link then all i can say wolfie3000 is......why on earth would you want to know who sang this c@*p.
click here

  mrwoowoo 00:18 10 Jul 07

gwen stefani. :¬)

  mrwoowoo 00:20 10 Jul 07

hey,i typed "i prefer",and it disapeared!

  wolfie3000 00:30 10 Jul 07

"why on earth would you want to know who sang this c@*p."

Well i like this song, i just heard it on Chronix radio and liked it.

Thanks for finding the group who sang it,
Now to go to the hmv website and order the cd.

God i love the interweb. :D

BTW the reason it wasnt showing up on google is i was typeing in brood pigs, i should have noticed my error "DOH!!!"

  laurie53 08:16 10 Jul 07

You mean to say that there isn't a disc called "Brood Pigs"?

  Kate B 08:29 10 Jul 07

Glad you find it, wolfie. Each to their own, I don't see what's to be gained by sniping at someone about their musical taste. Enjoy it!

  dukeboxhero 14:47 10 Jul 07

mmmm sound like a cross between avenged sevenfold and evanesence wolfie3000

  mrwoowoo 00:17 11 Jul 07

for heavens sake lighten up Kate.

  Kate B 00:25 11 Jul 07

Great. First you sneer at wolfie, who didn't ask for comments but for help (though you redeemed yourself with a helpful link) and then you bump a thread that had sunk down the page to pick a fight. Charming.

  mrwoowoo 00:37 11 Jul 07

for someone who construes every quip or lighthearted comment as personal attack on an individual,ethnic minority or nation,i think you are quite funny.
Which just goes to show,you don't need to be offensive to be funny.

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