Bloke? Got a laptop? Read this!

  VoG II 07:49 09 Dec 04
  MichelleC 09:00 09 Dec 04

Maybe lead pants could be the answer, VoG™.

  Belatucadrus 11:25 09 Dec 04

Only the Americans would do a research project like this, has it not occurred to them that most people, male or female don't actually put a laptop on their lap as it's by definition, uncomfortable, unstable and awkward. So use the nearest flat surface.

  Brian-336451 12:49 09 Dec 04

Funny, I've just come on to comment on an article in the local Kuwaiti newspaper that quotes about young men being warned etc etc.

Have you noticed that of recent years, fewer manufacturers are calling them 'laptops', they generally have some other name eg 'notebooks', 'sub notebooks' etc etc?

Methinks some marketing type got wind of this some time ago and has neatly changed the terminology. Wouldn't be to avoid litigation would it?

The question I have is 'Who took the temperature measurements?' hmmmm . . .

  Diemmess 13:32 09 Dec 04
  Belatucadrus 15:01 09 Dec 04

click here for a more practical option "Flexible necks lets you position it any way you like" also has "Soft, safe nylon blades" which is a very handy safety feature all things considered. Explaining what you're doing with it in a public place is a totally different matter.

  powerless 18:20 09 Dec 04

Well i'm only young :-( inncoent and free.

Laptop is now firmly on the table ;-))

  Peverelli 21:09 09 Dec 04

The tap was turned off many years ago, so not a problem for me :-O

  powerless 21:12 09 Dec 04
  Eargasm 22:52 09 Dec 04

Well i'm only young :-( inncoent and free.

Iv'e heard that you arn't free, but extremely cheap ;-))

  jellyhead 23:03 09 Dec 04

will this have anything to do with the end of surge protectors then

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