Blogger flogged for secularism

  rickf 14:05 14 Jan 15

Raif Badawi sentenced to 1000 lashes for creating blog to discuss religion in Saudi Arabia.Why??? Outraged. watch:click here

  caccy 16:58 14 Jan 15

If what he has broken the law of that country then it is none of our business!

  Belatucadrus 17:18 14 Jan 15

But this is the country that only a few days ago had their foreign minister march arm in arm with other dignateries at the front of the Charie Hebdo march. Clearly their grasp of the freedom of speech concept is more than a little flexable and only given lip service when conveniant.

  bumpkin 18:21 14 Jan 15

Run out of stones have they?

  carver 20:28 14 Jan 15

bumpkin stones are saved for women,

  bumpkin 21:16 14 Jan 15

carver, then that is sexual prejudice.

  bumpkin 21:45 14 Jan 15

I believe in equality click here

  BillSers 04:56 15 Jan 15

I think all bloggers should be flogged ;0).

  Quickbeam 08:31 15 Jan 15

The FE's probably considering it for persistent PCA offenders.

  Quickbeam 08:34 15 Jan 15

But seriously, the loss of freedom of speech were the factors that gave us dictatorship in Franco's Spain, Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia.

I would defend the right to that over all else.

  onthelimit1 08:54 15 Jan 15

Freedom of Speech in Saudi? You must be joking!

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