Blimey - don't know what they've done, but.....

  onthelimit1 17:34 21 Nov 12

This site is going faster than I've ever seen it before.

  Pepper9 18:00 21 Nov 12

Whatever it was, I don't seem to have benefitted. Much slower at this moment.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:06 21 Nov 12

Perhaps it works better if your browsers says please when requesting a page. Mine clearly does not :-(

  onthelimit1 20:13 21 Nov 12

Just checked again - still much faster opening pages than I've seen before. That's on Chrome - I'll try on IE.

  Woolwell 20:21 21 Nov 12

You must have experienced a fluke. It's no faster and currently slower on Chrome for me.

  woodchip 21:12 21 Nov 12

And it just will not go in Flock unless Java Script is turned off

  Woolwell 21:23 21 Nov 12

This thread certainly tempted fate. The site was unusable for a while.

  woodchip 21:27 21 Nov 12

Woolwell I turned Java on so I could create a link and finished up having to press the start button on the tower as USB mouse and Keyboard would not respond

  onthelimit1 21:47 21 Nov 12

How strange, as I'm still opening a page in a fraction of a second (unlike the minutes that I've had to wait in the past).

  csqwared 21:53 21 Nov 12

Unusually, whizzing along for me too - Firefox on Linux Mint.

  onthelimit1 08:38 22 Nov 12

Still blindingly fast this morning on Chrome. Bit slower on IE though.

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