Blair's claim justified or not ?

  oresome 16:21 06 Apr 13

Tony Blair claims that the last election would have been a much closer run thing had he still been PM.

I suspect he's probably right despite the financial mess we were in at the the time (and still are).

Personality rather than policy seems to be the vote winner. Do you agree?

  fourm member 16:50 06 Apr 13

The Bloomberg website has a pretty long summary of the two articles appearing in its hardcopy magazine and the business of the 2010 election ranks only two paragraphs out of about 100.

It is an interesting read but you have to get passed a truly scary picture. I don't know if that's how he looks these days or if someone has tried to make him look like a Bond villain.

I suppose people will believe what they want to believe about him. Either he has built a complex empire of companies to work the tax system or he is just trying to keep prying eyes away from what he does because it can be spun against him.

Would he have done better than Brown? I'm not sure. He was certainly a much better politician than Brown in all areas. But, by 2010, most people were onto his lies about Iraq.

The 2010 campaign would, probably, have pretty much had 'is Blair a war criminal?' at its heart.

We'll never know, of course, so you have to wonder why he even entertained the question. Is he really still that angry at Brown? It could be damaging for Labour because it makes all the past denials about 'no rift' look silly and, perhaps, makes future rifts harder to hide.

  rickf 17:29 06 Apr 13

Wish this idiot Blair would just fade away gracefully

  spider9 18:05 06 Apr 13

rickf "...this idiot Blair.."

Er, now let me think, how long was he PM, and how many elections did he manage to win?

One might call him many things , but, surely, if he was an idiot where on the scale does that place many other PMs (including the present).

We may have been the idiots, of course, for keeping electing him?? Does that make you feel better?

  morddwyd 19:06 06 Apr 13

Of course it would.

No matter what you think of Blair as a party leader, a PM, a politician or even just as a bloke he has that all important thing in this media age - popular charisma.

Brown doesn't and didn't (neither does Milliband).

  Quickbeam 19:30 06 Apr 13

Just like Maggie Vs Footie 30 years ago.

  Bing.alau 19:32 06 Apr 13

If anybody knows of a politician who doesn't tell lies then I will certainly vote for him. I would also be very surprised. Because there is no such animal.

  Quickbeam 19:34 06 Apr 13

Does WTM even fit that one size?

  oresome 19:37 06 Apr 13

The electorate wouldn't vote for any politician or party who told it as it is.

Turkeys voting for Christmas springs to mind.

  fourm member 19:43 06 Apr 13

'A lot of folk forget how good we had it under Tony Blair'

I wonder if the families of servicemen who died in Iraq would agree.

'If anybody knows of a politician who doesn't tell lies'

That's the trouble. When people believe every politician tells lies it becomes easy for someone like Blair.

Most politicians would say they try and tell the version of the truth that puts them in the best light.

Blair lies were deliberate and especially damaging.

  spider9 21:17 06 Apr 13

"Blair lies were deliberate and especially damaging"

As, I'm sure you would agree were Thatcher's (Falklands, she wanted a conflict to help re-election!) and other former PMs.

Was Cameron not suggesting the other day that we might be in danger from N.Korean missiles, hence the need to keep Trident?

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