Blackpool is 'people's choice' for UK's first

  spikeychris 14:28 09 Sep 06

That includes me. I live 30 miles from Blackpool and would love a super casino. Surely everyone agrees that the others might as well just drop out!

  jakimo 14:45 09 Sep 06

Fish & chip wrappers and kiss me quick hats come to mind

  spuds 15:31 09 Sep 06

A few years ago, use to have an annual pilgrimage at the end of the season. Freezing nights, most places had or were closing for the season, surly horse and carriage drivers.Expensive entertainment. What did I see in all that, when I could have spent the same money for warmer and more friendlier places ?.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:38 09 Sep 06

'Blackpool is 'people's choice' for UK's first..' me Rip Van Winkle if you will but I'm sure that I nor any of my friends were consulted on this.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:38 09 Sep 06

..and that will be 'not consulted'. ;-))


  Mr Mistoffelees 16:12 09 Sep 06

I went to Blackpool, with family from Oldham, last year. I couldn't believe how tatty, seedy and run down the place is. Even the premises used in the BBC series "Blackpool" looked sad with part of the sign, over the front of the building, missing. I've no wish to go back, no "super casino" is going to drag me all the way from South Somerset.

  spuds 16:30 09 Sep 06

Mr Mistoffelees-- According to a recent television programme, Blackpool is having a £65 million pound facelift. And places like the Metropole are spending a further £5/6 million of refurbishments.You might even change your mind ;o)

  Kate B 16:42 09 Sep 06

Blackpool is fine by me. It's a nice long way from where I live.

  jakimo 17:07 09 Sep 06

But will not go very far in bringing Blackpool up to scratch at todays prices, £4-500 million is more like the figure needed

  jakimo 17:10 09 Sep 06

£65 million will "buy" a lot of fish & chips

  oresome 17:29 09 Sep 06

It strikes me as strange that we should be advocating super casinos when personal debt level in the UK has never been higher.

Call me old fashioned, but I see this line of business as seedy.

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