Black Friday. Did it get YOU out there?

  SparkyJack 09:23 29 Nov 14

Summer/winter/Boxing day sales never have motivated me to join in.

These events are covered by all media for decades images of Mink clad females rushing into Harrods for more bling on the pages of papers and TV screens.


Were any of you in the scrum?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:55 29 Nov 14


Basically there is no extra tech I need

  spuds 11:00 29 Nov 14

Going on some of today's media reports, some people were involved with fights and crushing incidents yesterday.

If that's 21st century shopping, then count me out.

  rickf 11:15 29 Nov 14

No, not a bit but I did buy something online from Amazon using Prime. Demoralising to see shoppers behaving like aninmals. As usual US imported ideas bring out the worst in people.What have we become???

  Al94 12:12 29 Nov 14

Judging by this video it's not "what have we become" but "who have we become" BBC News

  spuds 12:25 29 Nov 14

What I would be more concerned about, is statements like this **"A Tesco spokesman said: "Over 600 Tesco stores have Black Friday offers available in store. "In the interest of customer safety a small number of these stores contacted police last night to help control crowds safely and stores are now trading normally."**

Are our thinly on the ground police force, now expected to provide security and control services to some of our main supermarkets, when these establishments want a sales rush.

  SparkyJack 13:33 29 Nov 14

like FB I've one of most tech stuff except computers got five of 'em

One thing I don't have is a 'Smartphone.

Got a simple old style p a g phone in the car......just in case

  Forum Editor 17:21 29 Nov 14


Watching people behaving like animals just to get a cheap TV turns my stomach.

  Brumas 17:28 29 Nov 14

I had my fill of scrums when I played rugby league as a strapping young youth, I wouldn't want to compete on an unlevel playing field now, besides what we haven't got we can do without!

  SparkyJack 18:01 29 Nov 14

A neighbour commented 'seeing the way folk were behaving -vrabbingbo/end TV's from one and other' one female of large proportions laying on a TV made him wonder if it was in one piece and working order when unpacked.

  mole1944 18:21 29 Nov 14

I essence its a sale and as usual stuff they get is a lot of time bought in for the occasion,their will always be bargains to be had,but as usual some fall for the con. I'm with F.E. on this one it's cheap tacky tv.

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