A Black Day for the Economy

  morddwyd 19:45 14 Dec 10

When I took my supermarket trolley back today the little widget popped out my £1 coin with such force that it was never seen again.

Christmas ruined!

  lotvic 19:58 14 Dec 10

Oh it is a worry ..and that reminds me, I wonder if that woman ever got back her snowman that was stolen.

  muddypaws 20:18 14 Dec 10

There will be plenty more chances to build one--unfortunately.
Hope she brings it indoors next time for safety!

  peter99co 20:32 14 Dec 10

The Pound coins were found on the ground near the spoons. The Snowman had scarpered without trace!

  birdface 21:06 14 Dec 10

It would all depend if I was in a good mood or a bad mood if that happened to me.
Bad mood I would have gone back into the store and asked for my £1 back.
You have to ask is it the responsibility of the store to refund you for your loss as you hired the trolley from from them.
Or is it your responsibility for loosing it.
The VM syndrome in me would made me go back for a refund.
Whether I got it or not would be a different story.
I am a pensioner I can't afford to loose a £1 would probably work.
I was in a store last year with the other half just having a look to see if there was anything we needed when one of the assistants came up and asked us if she could help.
It was the middle of the winter so I said no it is al right dear it is just because our heating is not working and it was nice and warm in here so we came in for a heat.
Oh you poor soul was the reply we have a little room over there where you can go and sit and warm up.
No it's ok dear we were just going anyway thanks for the offer.
I never had the heart to tell her that I was just kidding.

  Forum Editor 23:10 14 Dec 10

Actually you paid a refundable deposit - no hire involved. The deposit is refundable though, so buteman is right - you returned the trolley, so you want your deposit back.

  spuds 23:58 14 Dec 10

I notice that some stores are now selling disk's the shape of a £1.00 coin with a key ring attachment, that can be used on supermarket trolleys.

Perhaps a word of warning. If someone offer you a trolley in exchange for a £1.00 coin, then be a little cautious, because they may have used a metal disk the same shape as a £1.00 coin to release the trolley. This scam was recently being used in a couple of supermarkets in our area recently.

  morddwyd 07:19 15 Dec 10

The deposit was refunded.

I just wasn't quick enough to catch it!

  BT 08:33 15 Dec 10

I got a dodgy pound coin when someone 'offered' me a trolley in the car park. Sad to say I passed it on in a similar manner.

Once got a dodgy pound coin in change from W H Smith but they wouldn't accept it back so I was out of pocket but they got away with it.

  Quickbeam 08:43 15 Dec 10

Did you then have the famous look of having lost a pound but found a penny?

  spuds 16:47 15 Dec 10

Shame on WH Smith. I have a rather forlorn £1.00 coin the other week from our local newsagents. They got it back the next day, and they wasn't to pleased :O)

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