Bird or Bug?

  Pamy 22:51 14 Oct 06

Hello everyone, can anyone tell me what this bird/bug is please? Photographed in the South of France.
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  SANTOS7 22:59 14 Oct 06

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looks like a hummingbird but don't know which species..

  Forum Editor 23:02 14 Oct 06

a humming bird hawkmoth. Extremely common in the south of France and Spain, these moths have been seen in large numbers in the UK over the past two summers. It's believed that our winters have now become so mild that Humming bird hawkmoths may well be overwintering here, and breeding.

Lots of people mistake the moths for real hummingbirds, but you'll need to go to South america or the Caribbean to see those. I was in St.Lucia a couple of years ago, and my wife bought me an outrageous T-shirt with a huge red flower on the front. I was standing by the hotel pool, admiring the gardens when suddenly a humming bird zoomed up and hovered in front of my chest. It spent ten seconds or so eyeing up the flower speculatively before flitting off again.

  PurplePenny 23:04 14 Oct 06

Is it a Hummingbird Hawk Moth?
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  PurplePenny 23:05 14 Oct 06

Ahh! How come FE can type all that in the time it took me to go and look it up on Wikipedia?

  SANTOS7 23:06 14 Oct 06

Lots of people mistake the moths for real hummingbirds,
i did!! good spot FE......

  Forum Editor 23:07 14 Oct 06

since the age of ten (when he lived in Sri lanka) He's been passionately interested in butterflies and moths, and can bore for Britain on the subject.

  Pamy 23:08 14 Oct 06

Not sure. It was not colourfull and there were a number of them. They were only about 1.5 inches long. I did think that Sapins would know if he was online. The other reason I ask is because there was one in my garden today here in England and I have never seen one here before. I thought it was probably some kind of flying bug.

  Pamy 23:12 14 Oct 06

PurplePenny, FE thanks.Thats very interesting. What amazing people we have on this forum.


  SANTOS7 23:12 14 Oct 06

definitely a bug, definitely a flier, most definitely LOST, (no satnav) on your little chap..

  SANTOS7 23:14 14 Oct 06

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AH!! maybe not lost then..

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