Bill Gates at Live 8

  Kate B 17:45 02 Jul 05

Does that make him - and geekdom - cool now??

  Pooke 18:12 02 Jul 05

He's supporting a good cause, trying to help.


  Forum Editor 18:14 02 Jul 05

and his desire to help people is sincere. I've met him - briefly - and he came across as a nice guy.

  Dizzy Bob 19:13 02 Jul 05
  €dstowe 19:27 02 Jul 05

Whatever you might think about Gates, he ain't greedy - he is one of the most generous people on this planet.

Like FE, I met him once at a "do" in London.

  Pooke 19:42 02 Jul 05

He built up an extremely successful company and became extremely rich. Now that he's rich he's giving it away to charities.

"A geek is a person who is fascinated, perhaps obsessively, by technology and imagination."

Quoted from click here

Kate B it's guys like Bill Gates and who ever else that you now have that "nutter machine" of yours and are able to play rich games in virtual worlds like "Warcaft" you mentioned in another thread. These kinds of people fuel the development of hardware and software.

Now that makes them cool in my eyes.


  Andybear 20:20 02 Jul 05

He certainly came across as very nice when he was speaking at Live 8, very sincere and down to earth. And what an introduction from Sir Bob himself!

  pat-212841 20:36 02 Jul 05

He has given such a lot of cash to India as well to help stop India be worse than Africa for Aids but he should go and see how they are spending the cash in India !

  pat-212841 20:41 02 Jul 05

I been watching Live 8 and they showed that film again of that starving child trying to get up while that song "whos going to take you home " played i cried 20 years ago watching the child try to get up and still cried today , Love Bob Geldof or hate him you have to take your hat off to him .

  Al94 21:16 02 Jul 05

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is renowned, worth looking here click here for information.

  €dstowe 21:22 02 Jul 05

Just wondering, were the FE and me at the same "do" when we met Bill Gates?

About two years ago at Grosvenor House, Park Lane.

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