Bill Frindall

  crosstrainer 15:47 30 Jan 09

The "Bearded Wonder" Of cricket has died after contracting legionaires disease. Just heard this on the radio.

click here

A sad loss to all cricket fans.

  Cymro. 17:10 30 Jan 09

I must be living in a small world as I have never heard of him or the guitarist mentioned in the other posting by Condom.

  tullie 17:16 30 Jan 09

Nor me.

  Stuartli 17:42 30 Jan 09

Perhaps you both really ought to get out more..:-)

Rest in peace Bill. TMS has always delivered wonderful characters and personalities throughout the years and continues to do so.

  The Brigadier 18:05 30 Jan 09

A very sad day for Cricket & the TMS Team.
A legend & one of the great voices of Cricket.

  blanco 19:13 30 Jan 09

Couldn't agree more Brigadier although my wife will probable miss him even more than I shall.

When I'm settled at Lord's for the Tests she, since the dropping of TV coverage by the BBC, will be keeping in touch through TMS and it's the chat between them that keeps her hooked.

Plus he was the editor of the Playfair annual that I always have at hand not splashing out for Wisden each year.

I remember when I first went to cricket matches, boys and men would buy score books and sit on the boundary and watch each ball. Seldom see that any more.

  Jim Thing 19:37 30 Jan 09

A word to Bill Frindall's successor — whoever that turns out to be:

Follow that! And the best of luck.

  ventanas 21:29 30 Jan 09

Very, very sad. To echo Stuartli RIP Bill.

That program was just about the best that ever was on radio. Never mind the cricket, the commentary was full of entertainment be it cake, pigeons or whatever.
Are any of them left now?

  crosstrainer 09:11 31 Jan 09

I would hazard a guess on the lady that occasionally filled in when Bill was unavailable...No way anyone could ever fill his shoes though.

  logoff 10:27 31 Jan 09

Very sad to hear. Think you need to be a fan of TMS -especially in it's heyday to really appreciate. All those cakes!

  Cymro. 13:00 31 Jan 09

You say
"Perhaps you both really ought to get out more)
Very true, so very, very true.

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