hijo 12:40 16 Dec 06

this is worrying & amazing,the anaconda has eaten a "capibara" or in english kinda of pig from south america & its very clear to see it cant move due to the size of its meal,so the snake knows its got to get away & what does it do....?
The snake is 6 meters long...

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  rezeeg 13:34 16 Dec 06

Thanks hijo, my lunch has just gone the same way :-(

  Pidder 15:40 16 Dec 06

Aw, waiting for the pig to get up and trot away...

  powerless 15:43 16 Dec 06


  Mr Mistoffelees 16:02 16 Dec 06

Firstly, the capybara is the largest of the rodents and is not a pig.

Secondly, why where those idiots poking and prodding the anaconda until it felt the need to regurgitate it's meal to make a getaway? A capybara is a perfectly normal meal for a twenty foot anaconda.

  knockin on 16:05 16 Dec 06

Why no sound on the second bit of film? Are they playing it backwards?

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:08 16 Dec 06

why where those?

why were those

  hijo 17:49 16 Dec 06

thats a very good point u made there about the sound...!! i didnt think about it either way though i still wouldnt like to be eaten like that yuk....
ALSO "Mr Mistoffelees" u said the "capybara" isnt a pig but a large rodent..good point i wasnt sure about what the animal realy was as my wife couldnt quite translate what it was she said it was like a kinda pig...??? you could be right on this but my last point is there is a spelling differance between "capibara" & "capybara" this could have something to do with it i dont know for sure..? anyway i just thought that some of you would be facinated in it..:-)

  hijo 17:51 16 Dec 06

WELL DONE "Mr Mistoffelees" you was right & i was kinda wrong it is like a huge still gets a big "YUCK"

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