The Big Picture

  Quickbeam 11:03 01 May 11

I've never seen this done with a scene before, it's very good technically and visually. Is there software that us mortals can use to create a similar thing with the navigator included? Big Picture

  Blackhat 11:27 01 May 11

I found this picture interesting too. Having spent some time with it I can only find 2 faults. There is a visible join at the bottom text

And there is woman with 2 faces, this I cannot work out due to all the surrounding areas free of text

  Quickbeam 11:42 01 May 11

Two faced women is not an unusual phenomenon... I'm runnin' already!

  Quickbeam 11:45 01 May 11

If you look to her left there is someone taking a close up of her. I think maybe she really has two faces:)

  Grey Goo 11:58 01 May 11

You need one of these

link text

  Quickbeam 08:39 02 May 11

Grey Goo That looks quite interesting software, but a bit expensive for only occasional use.

  Forum Editor 09:16 02 May 11

"...there is woman with 2 faces"

The boy in front of her has two ears on the same side, so that's the join.

An excellent image, nonetheless.

  Quickbeam 09:59 02 May 11

Of course Picasso pioneered the two faced look some decades earlier...

Even though it's a fault, it doesn't look too bad as the blend in makes it quite natural (well as natural as can be) looking.

  woodchip 22:40 02 May 11

If you Drag the picture right to left or other way round you will see the joins in the Picture for a very brief moment, One is on a Lamppost join

  woodchip 22:42 02 May 11

PS forgot to Add, Pictures have been stitched together. Any good photo Edit Program can do it

  Quickbeam 11:19 05 May 11

I read through the Olympus instruction book (Now who the hell ever does that!) and discovered that I can make a decent auto stitched panorama using their software and camera setting.

I only get a panorama in either the vertical or horizontal plane and without that navigator box, but it's very good.

I can highly recommend reading the instructions now and again...

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