Big Brother, Part II

  Kate B 23:06 19 Jan 07

So who watched Davina McCall interview Jade Goody just now? I did - and I think it's clear that Jade found it very uncomfortable viewing. I hope she's gained some self-knowledge from the experience. The main thing, I think, is how graciously Shilpa accepted the apology. Jade could learn a lot from that.

  Flak999 23:18 19 Jan 07

For her to learn anything from this would necessitate her being capable of learning! She is quite plainly a moronic idiot of a girl who must have an IQ at the learning difficulties end of the scale.

One only has to look at her Mother and boyfriend to see the "quality" of her background! She is the architect of her own destruction, perhaps in one of her more lucid moments she may ponder on where it all went so wrong? Hopefully she will fade from our screens and we will hear no more of her. Good riddance!

  josie mayhem 23:24 19 Jan 07

I very much doubt that someone who can treat another individual in the manner Jade treated Shilpa can ever learn....

  wee eddie 23:34 19 Jan 07

is appalling.

I have never seen any of these shows, not enough time in my Curling Calender, but Ms Goodie appears to have her head screwed on despite many of her slightly gross behaviour. She's done well for a girl that appears to have started with very little to her name other than her native wit.

You cannot avoid the publicity and C4's trite remarks stink of a planned response to an expected occurrence. I'm afraid that I would remove C4's Broadcasting Licence if it were up to me.

  Kate B 23:45 19 Jan 07

Which "trite remarks" are you referring to, wee eddie?

  wee eddie 23:55 19 Jan 07

Although my choice of the word "trite" may have been an error, as I really meant dismissive and possibly sardonic.

  Kate B 23:57 19 Jan 07

I didn't hear what was said - who was interviewed and what did they say?

  wee eddie 00:07 20 Jan 07

Just referred to Press Statement with no explanation or comment. His reply sounded as though it had been pre-planned to me.

I may be putting more into an inflection of the voice than is really there but that was the sub-text that I got.

  Kate B 00:09 20 Jan 07

I can't really comment without having heard it ..

  wee eddie 00:13 20 Jan 07

I know that his statement would have been preplanned and practised, in terms of within the last 12 hours, but that was not the practised response that I heard.

There was that "Got you" tone that said. "We've made it with this one"!

  wee eddie 00:14 20 Jan 07

but you could.

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