big brother cops your car

  sunny staines 02:53 22 Mar 08

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i all for fair issue of parking tickets but i feel this is going too far. what are your views

  sunny staines 02:55 22 Mar 08

should read i am

  User-1235809 07:24 22 Mar 08

I've only ever once parked on double yellows, just dropping some dry cleaning off, literally one minute. The parking warden was approaching my car as I dashed back out of the shop, and just told me not to do it again (wouldn't happen nowadays) so I never have.

They are there for a purpose, and one car parked there can cause chaos to the free running of traffic. If you don't want a fine, don't do the crime

  octal 07:50 22 Mar 08

This is not new, our local authority have been done this for the last two years click here

  carver 07:51 22 Mar 08

At this moment in time if you get a ticket you know what its for, but imagine that a ticket shows up 3 weeks after the alleged offence, who can remember an incident that occured 3 weeks ago.

You might not even have realised you had commited an offence but under the new regs your fined and proven guilty.

And you will not be the first person to have recieved a ticket for something you haven't done.

  jack 08:11 22 Mar 08

They know not to do and get caught do they[YOU!] blame the government[Local or National] as money grabbing?

Double yellows say 'Do Not Stop Here' So don't
Camera's actually cost 1000's to install and maintain if everybody heeded the speed signs - they would be an extra cost on Council Tax- as it is they [probably] pay for themselves.
So keep on parking and speeding folks and cough up.

  DANZIG 08:54 22 Mar 08

I think the big issue with this is that a camera is just that - a camera.

It is not a human being and therefore only detects the presence of your car - not the reason. You can't discuss or argue with a camera - its like 'The Terminator'.

Speed cameras detect when you are going over the speed limit, but not if you're drunk or driving dangerously.

I'm waiting for Honda to get their butts in gear and really make their robots useful - then it really will be game over as we get Robocop walking the streets...

  laurie53 09:08 22 Mar 08

As a Blue Badge holder I regularly park on double yellows, as I am legally priveliged to do so long as I do not cause an actual obstruction (as opposed to the potential to cause an obstruction which is the norm).

I doubt if the camera will invariably be at the correct angle to pick up my badge.

Also, of course, the blue badge is issued to me, not the car, and can be used on any car in which I am a passenger.

What's to prevent someone making a note of my badge number (clearly visible when the badge is displayed) and, even without my knowledge, claiming I was in the car at the relevant time?

  egapup 09:14 22 Mar 08

We're the most spied on country in the world, how can anybody be happy about that? I heard a opposition MP say that 1981 was a warning not a template.

  carver 10:12 22 Mar 08

Double yellows say 'Do Not Stop Here' So don't

If you check your Highway code that is not what it says. Double yellow means no parking unless you have a blue badge, you are allowed to stop to allow a passenger to get out, unless there happens to be a double yellow stipe on the kerb which is about 4" long at right angles to the road.

One question Jack, if you are driveing along a road and the car in front attempts to turn right, he/she then stalls the car and cannot restart it, do you pull into the buss lane and get a ticket or wait behind him or her untill they can get it started.

Or, are you the driver who never uses a bus lane even if it's allowed.

  Brumas 11:05 22 Mar 08

My wife also has a Blue Badge and , as I am the only designated driver of the Motability car, one doesn't get separated from the other - the point you make is very, very valid.

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