Big Brother. Any one else had this!?

  muddypaws 09:21 19 Dec 08

OK, so I know that on the web nothing much is private any more, but;
Yesterday we were browsing through a UK holiday cottage firm. We decided on the cottage and commenced filling out the online booking form to reserve and pay a deposit.
I entered my address, telephone number and was halfway through entering my card details when the phone rang.
It was the holiday firm asking if they could be of any help with my booking!
Good service or a warning!

  Quickbeam 09:27 19 Dec 08

I fear:(

  muddypaws 09:46 19 Dec 08

The caller was obviously after his commission.

  spuds 10:51 19 Dec 08

It wasn't 'ET Holiday Experiences' by any chance ;o)

  interzone55 10:54 19 Dec 08

I had something similar a few years ago when sorting out my car insurance.

I'd looked at & rejected a few comapanies, including my own bank, via and had started trawling individual sites when my bank phoned and offered me a quote £50 lower than anyone else...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:29 19 Dec 08

Desperate times = desperate measures


  muddypaws 11:59 19 Dec 08

That's not fair. I didn't get a discount!!

  The Brigadier 15:04 21 Dec 08

I re-newed our car insurance the other day on-line.
And after using one of the sites we got called up by the insurance company offering us a £50 discount for paying that day by credit card.

Seems some companies are after business badly in these hard times of economical downturn.

  WhiteTruckMan 17:01 21 Dec 08

then become a truck driver. That way, a holiday would be *not* going somewhere :)

(so far, Mrs WTM hasn't fallen for it, but I live in hope)


  lofty29 18:46 21 Dec 08

They are not very organised with us, all through the year we get bombarded with offers of cheaper car and home insurance, but when it gets near our renewal time not a dickybird from anyone until after we have renewed. Perhaps they do not like us.

  perpetual motion 20:38 21 Dec 08

BUT isnt it about time the premiums came down eh?
i remeber in the 90's when car crime was at its highest & my insurance was through the roof, again like the banks who had made a mint on us all now its time for us to get some return instead of silly prices..

im glad they are struglling cause before it was a kinda "like us or lump us " attitude with insurance companies whereas now there all in trouble & there cutting each others Throats

HOW much is enough we have to fork out over the years, now its our turn to have a easyer life

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