Bicycle squeaky brakes

  LinH 19:47 20 Jun 07

Anyone any ideas how they can be de-squeaked?


  anskyber 19:51 20 Jun 07

It depends on how much adjustment you have on the brake callipers. it's usually caused by the brake bloke hitting the rim at the wrong angle.

The other common explanation is the block material being too hard, replacing the blocks could help.

  laurie53 19:52 20 Jun 07

Clean/derust the rims, roughen the surface of the blocks. Make sure the blocks are tight.


  anskyber 19:54 20 Jun 07

PS. Read "yaw angle" from click here

  anskyber 19:56 20 Jun 07

And squealing/squeaking further on.

  LinH 20:42 20 Jun 07

Thanks to all who replied, it's given me something to work on.


  €dstowe 22:13 20 Jun 07

Don't do as a friend did as a child - oiled the blocks to stop the squeaks. More than 30 years later he still has a somewhat squashed nose and marks on his forehead resulting from his flight over the handlebars running into a wall when the bike failed to stop.

  chocolate cake 22:28 20 Jun 07

It can also be caused by a build up of rubber on the rim making them judder so fast it squeaks.

Regular cleaning of the rim is the answer I suggest you use some type of non lubricating cleaner rather than Edstowes unfortunate friend's solution.

  wee eddie 22:36 20 Jun 07

Just check that you haven't a broken spoke.

They're frequently difficult to notice until you twang each one.

  chocolate cake 22:38 20 Jun 07

Or a loose spoke; that can be even harder to spot.

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