Bg Day Tomorrow....

  Seth Haniel 10:25 24 Nov 10

who will post closest to 00:01am ????

  lucky1 10:27 24 Nov 10

My bet goes on Forum Member!

  Quickbeam 10:35 24 Nov 10

I'll give until mid teatime for the lock going on this one:)

  carver 10:56 24 Nov 10

Why what will we be able to do at that time that we can't do now, suspense is like waiting to open a present at, now whats that word I'm looking for.

Quickbeam, think it will go that long.

  Quickbeam 11:06 24 Nov 10

"now what's that word I'm looking for"
Anticlimax in the case of anyone over 17... that's when the boring presents start to kick in.

  interzone55 11:44 24 Nov 10

Is this something to do with the first Ashes Test?

  Seth Haniel 11:47 24 Nov 10

could be, could be, a no more a nods as good as a wink to a blind horse, say no more!!!

  rdave13 12:10 24 Nov 10

Ah, it's the Deal or No Deal 5th anniversary; click here

  babybell 12:30 24 Nov 10

I quit smoking exactly 3 years ago tomorrow! Very sweet that you have all remember! :o)

  Seth Haniel 12:42 24 Nov 10

the first day of the rest of your lives :)

  mr simon 18:43 24 Nov 10

Something to do with it being a month to a certain festive holiday, which means that we can then mention said certain festive holiday by its proper name without risking the wrath of Scrooge.

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