beware of bogus police

  finerty 20:50 21 Jun 12

Bogus Police

Have a good time during the Olympics but bewware of bogus police who try to get £ out of you

  ams4127 22:16 21 Jun 12

So, while you are waiting for the late arrival of the overcrowded bus/train for which you are going to be charged a small fortune, you'll get nicked and fined by bogus policemen as well.

So very glad I will be many thousands of miles away sinking a few tinnies with some old mates!

  Forum Editor 23:13 21 Jun 12

I would imagine that it might not break the bank to erect prominent signboards at all points of entry, written in various languages:-

British Police officers will not ask you for payments of any kind, do not pay any money to someone who tells you he/she is a Police Officer.

  woody 23:37 21 Jun 12

"it might not break the bank to erect prominent signboards at all points of entry, written in various languages"

I do not know how many points of entry there are but i do know London is expecting a few people from the World . Europe has circa>200 languages and worldwide any ones guess 2000 to 7000. Not cheap (billboard/printing)even if you limit it to the languages currently used in London and that also presumes they can read.

  Forum Editor 23:52 21 Jun 12

Europe has circa>200 languages and worldwide any ones guess 2000 to 7000.

The most widely spoken languages in the world are:-

Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German and French.

That ought to do it - almost everyone will speak and/or understand a little of at least one of those.

  spuds 23:55 21 Jun 12

Its not unknown for people who are not familiar with UK law to offer a policeman, pcso or parking attendant/traffic warden payment, if they think that they have done wrong. So I suppose this is just an addition of that, which criminals have cottoned onto, especially if you produce 'identification of authority'?.

  woody 01:19 22 Jun 12

You suggest Eleven most widely spoken languages in the world - but we are discussing London - one of the most dense in the world.

You may be correct but i note some Gov bodies quote "translated material into 120 languages."End quote. London spends the most but i could not find out how many languages.

  spuds 12:39 22 Jun 12

Our local council often boasts about providing information in many many languages, they even suggest that they have qualified translator's readily on hand.

Yet when a friend of mine requested that they conducted his business in Irish Gaelic, the staff called a security guard because he was requesting something that the council couldn't provide, and they then insisted that he was being abusive (arkward) about it :O)

I was a little surprised, considering we have a few generations of Irish in our midst, and many Irish traveller's staying or passing through?.

  bremner 15:29 22 Jun 12


Here in the South West the local police have offered to print information in Cornish - a first language for absolutely nobody and only spoken as an additional language by a few thousand at most.

  canarieslover 17:07 22 Jun 12

I would have thought that graphic illustration would be the way to go. A picture of an English bobby with a tourist trying to give him £20 and a big red cross through the £20. That should cover many languages at once.

  spuds 17:56 22 Jun 12


I recall putting up signs in Borneo in 1969. They simple showed a man aiming a rifle with a black puff image of smoke coming out of the barrel, and a person in front falling to the ground.

No words were needed, the signs spoke for themselve.

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