beware of 0904 tel numbers

  sunnystaines 08:32 25 Nov 10

thought i was dialling york, but somehow york has changed to 01904 and 0904 is now a rip off premium number.

not sure which other 09 exchanges have had this dodgy move.

  sunnystaines 08:38 25 Nov 10

used to have friends in york many years ago and still remember their phone numbers it was def 0904 as the code.

  jack 08:39 25 Nov 10

have the 01 prefix
the 05,08,09 are the tricky ones.

  carver 08:45 25 Nov 10

Did you take your tablets this morning, York has been 01904 for a loooong time, never been 09.

  interzone55 08:47 25 Nov 10

In the early nineties all UK phone numbers gained an extra digit, at that time they all got a one after the leading zero.

So 0706 became 01706 and 0904 became 01904.

A few years ago things changed again, when some areas got their own numbers starting 02

At the same time Ofcom introduced 03 numbers meant as true local and freephone numbers that are included in bundled minutes. This means a 0345 number will cost the same as 0845 number if you pay for the call, but if you ring from a mobile it should be part of your inclusive calls.

070 numbers tend to be premium rate, so are very expensive.
09 numbers are all premium rate
08 numbers are locall, national rate & freephone, but are not included in bundled minutes, so can be expensive to call from mobiles
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  sunnystaines 08:56 25 Nov 10

not rang york since early eighties, but still clearly remember the numbers.

got caught out this time, but thanks for all the info, i do remember a 1 being added to our exchange years ago did not know this was nationwide.

  carver 09:05 25 Nov 10

Was that the 80's with a 18 in front, or 19.

  sunnystaines 09:07 25 Nov 10

not sure now

  DANZIG 09:22 25 Nov 10

I moved to York in 1994. The STD code was indeed 0904 then changed to 01904.

  sunnystaines 09:27 25 Nov 10

thanks for confirmation, i can put the dementia tablets away for now.

  johndrew 10:11 25 Nov 10

If you have no need of premium rate numbers, it is simple to have them blocked if you use BT. Simply ring BT and ask them to block premium rate calls on your line. They will do this within a few days, but if you ever want to reverse the process they will make a charge.

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