The best & the worst 2 deal with

  season8 16:39 28 Dec 06

OK so which comany came out the best when buying pc parts, gadgets or software this year.

And which company will you avoid in 2007!

  rodriguez 16:54 28 Dec 06

I always get mine from Ebuyer. Very few problems and only had to send one or two things back in the 4 of 5 years of using them.

One I'd never touch again - Mesh. That was 6 years ago and the memory is still there. Delayed deliveries, faults, delayed repairs, delayed returns, more faults, delayed refund...never again. Just my experience though, there are probably a few people who are happy with them. We don't want another thread that goes on about Mesh though, there's plenty in Consumer Watch. It'd be nice to see experiences about other companies. :-D

  Forum Editor 17:41 28 Dec 06

because there's no point in them. Everyone has good and bad experiences with retailers, and we don't go in for 'avoid this company' posts based on a single bad experience. If you want to post a new thread inviting people to record their good experiences by all means go ahead.

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