Best thing!

  Nontek 14 Jun 11

So, apart from getting married and birth of a child, what is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

In my case it was Demob, after 21years and 21days in the Army!

  Quickbeam 14 Jun 11

I'll post as soon as it happens!

  Nontek 14 Jun 11



  hastelloy 14 Jun 11

I don't think getting married was the best thing but being married is - 36 years next February.

  Nontek 14 Jun 11

marvin42 Nice one, or should I say - nice 36!

  BT 14 Jun 11


I agree and I'll raise you 3 - 39 in September :o))

  onthelimit1 14 Jun 11

I'll raise again to 41 in Jan - and we still talk to each other (well, she talks and I listen).

  Nontek 14 Jun 11

(well, she talks and I listen) - probably why you are still going strong after 41!

  chub_tor 14 Jun 11

OK so forget the getting married, birth of children and being married for 47 years (which tops you lot so far) then performing my granddaughter's wedding ceremony last August on a beautiful beach at Poipu on Kauai is undoubtedly the best thing that has happened to me so far. All it took was one "Please, Granpa" and I was hooked; I was ordained over the internet and got all the legal forms from the State of Hawaii so everything was legit and above board. We had 40 guests from all over the world, the bride, groom and grooms parents came over from China where they live and work, 8 of us from the UK, dozens from Texas - where my daughter lives - several from other parts of the USA, one from Malaysia and one from Germany. Helping them through the giving and receiving of vows and rings made me the proudest Granddad in the world. And to cap it all while they were taking a breather from snorkeling two days after the wedding my daughter's boyfriend of 9 years proposed to her on the same beach. So now I get to do it all over again this August. but just a blessing ceremony this time in our back garden. Pray for sunshine in Devon all day on August 20th.

  Bingalau 14 Jun 11

chub_tor. Congratulations on your 47 years marriage. Hope you have many more years ahead of you.

I think it's going a bit far getting ordained just to be able to perform your Grand-daughter's wedding ceremony though. God help her mum and dad having to pay for that little lot too. Or has that tradition been dispensed with?

How is Yelverton looking these days? I must take a trip down there and see for myself as it's many years since I lived in the area. (Douseland). Happy days!

  Flak999 14 Jun 11

Retiring three years ago at age 50 from the London Fire Brigade after thirty years service. I am now able to relax and pursue all of my many interests, take holidays when I want and just enjoy life at a slower pace.


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