This is a begging

  rdave13 19:55 29 Mar 14

I want this. Just post it to rdave13's benevolent fund and I will help with half the p&p.

Seriously, though, would you even consider paying that price for a 400GB solid state drive?

Has anyone here paid over the top for something that you wanted desperately and the price was no object? Any regrets?

Can't think of any for my self, must be scrooge incarnate.

  bumpkin 21:04 29 Mar 14

Not the cheapest one I have seen. Have seen similar things that are either a genuine mistake or a scam hoping that some sucker will click on it without looking properly.

  Gordon Freeman 22:07 29 Mar 14

I'd go for the 1tb Samsung one:

click here

  bumpkin 22:36 29 Mar 14

Gordon, that seems like a better deal.

  rdave13 22:40 29 Mar 14

Look at the comments, three stars and below though.

Not so good.

  spuds 00:47 30 Mar 14

I have noticed recently the amount of price changes on adverts like those posted on Amazon etc, especially when I have a number in my 'watch' lists. Over time the price seems to adjust itself to the original price or a sensible level, so I would assume that it must be a website error?.

  rdave13 00:59 30 Mar 14

spuds , my original post was to see if anyone has paid exorbitant (knowingly) prices for what they desperately wanted. Paying over the odds, for want of a better phrase. Could be for a final piece of a 'set' that was never completed at another time. Some old photo to bid for. Things like that. The SSD I linked to was for an example only; seeing it is a PC forum.

  morddwyd 09:26 30 Mar 14

I can't think of anything off hand, but I probably have though

Not that I would ever admit it, even to myself, let alone the harsh critics on here!

  spuds 10:01 30 Mar 14


Over the years I have like many people I would suspect, have paid over, or well over the top for items that I have wanted in my moments of insanity or urgent need. I would suspect that no one would have been totally innocent of this deed, sometime in their lifespan, holidays, property deals etc all come to mind. Yet I would like to try and think that I can be rather cunning at times,especially were my hard earned is in question.

Perhaps for example, at the moment I am doing deals for large capacity plastic containers for use as water butts. The person who is supplying me gets them for nothing from a importer/wholesaler due to storage problems. I have to pay his mark-up and arrange transport, so I could perhaps suspect that I am being overcharged, but the commodity is there, so I have grasped it with both hands and slight doubt?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:26 30 Mar 14

Paid £40 for a 16G flash drive as I needed the capacity to transport quite a lot of data.

Of course a few months later the price had halved :0)

Usually I wait til the price drops.

  spuds 11:27 30 Mar 14


I wonder how many £2000.00 plus custom built high prestige computers of years gone past and the early days of most software, are laying in landfills somewhere?.

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