Been having fun with satellite images

  WhiteTruckMan 23:39 09 Apr 06

In a fit of utter boredom I went randomly surfing. Ended up (this time) at googles mapping/satellite pictures at

click here

and been having loads of (free!) fun looking at places I know from a whole new perspective. some areas have better resolution than others -try hms belfast moored on the thames at max zoom- but what the hey, not bad for a free site.


  Forum Editor 00:14 10 Apr 06

but one of them was part-exchanged for a new one over a year ago.

  Kev.Ifty 00:34 10 Apr 06

I can see a Milk float parked in my driveway!

Strange that. We normally get our milk from Sainsburys.

Kev :-(

  SG Atlantis® 01:08 10 Apr 06

lol Kev ;)

The images for my area are at least 3 yr old.

There's been a few developments and you can seen the progress and construction.

  wolfie3000 01:45 10 Apr 06

The maps are old as our local hospital was closed last year but its there in the picture.

  v1asco 08:17 10 Apr 06

click here


  oresome 09:48 10 Apr 06

Satellite image?

I reckon they passed over in a hot air balloon!

  WhiteTruckMan 10:00 10 Apr 06

Its merely an interesting diversion. I suppose if you want up to date images then you might have to fork out some of the hard earned stuff. what was also interesting was that after reading some comments I realised thatone place I hadnt looked at was my own house! well I looked it up and got a reasonable image at full mag, which revealed a car in the driveway which only I ever drove (only ever had one car that colour). If I squint and wish a lot then maybe I can see the car door open and me in the picture! Talk about big brother......


  Forum Editor 18:04 10 Apr 06

have spotted cars in their drives that shouldn't have been there?

If you know what I mean.

  keith-236134 19:07 10 Apr 06

Have you checked your drive??

  GroupFC 22:29 10 Apr 06

I don't know how old the images are - but I do know that our area (bracknell )was done on a Sunday because I can see the local car boot sale (and there is a distinct lack of traffic)!

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