The Beeb & Me

  gartoye 02:55 06 Jan 08

This started as a reply to Ste76's post "Is freeview becoming a dead duck?" but turned into a rant at the beeb so I have posted separately

I got a freeview box for christmas following the launch, whenever that was. I didnt buy one myself because I was unhappy with the bbc using my licence fee to create channels I couldnt watch without spending more money on a box, upping that years telly costs by 50%.

It seems to me the beeb is really struggling to bring out fresh stuff to cover all these channels now, I tend to watch tv late because prime time is rubbish imo, its so pc i cant watch it. I switched on the other night & had a choice between fat kids trying to kill animals, bad parents being shown what their lazy kids will look like in their 30's just before they die & some other thing about people who buy dogs but have no idea how to look after them. Oh & they are regularly defrauding phone contestants.

I have never missed a payment on my licence & am disgusted by what I have to pay for by law. To top it all off when I changed banks I discovered I had a £60 credit on my account! Why didnt they offer me a reduced fee one year to balance my account rather than let it build up? It was on direct debit for 5yrs! I reckon its because Capita look after their payments (I think). I dont give money away but cant be bothered to double check all my direct debits, they are supposed to save me time & money!

Now I just listen to radio 4 comedies mostly on the radio or on listen again via the web. I waited for my nasty letter telling me to pay up or give them my new bank details & was going to let it escalate until they got serious then tell to stick their licence, but it actually says "on computers" on the licence so I had to set up d/d again, paying double for the first 6 mths to cover that whole year as obviously I was a bad payer or something. I really identify with people who despise the bbc now, they still put out some great stuff but I struggle to locate it amongst all the other rubbish.

Now I have evidently lost some channels as I didnt rescan my box in time! Give me 4 channels & no remote with a wooden telly, I dont mind getting up if theres going to be something decent on! Rant over!

PS If you want to escalate a complaint with them take your place in the queue, they will ring you when you are out earning your licence fee & close their file as you werent in, dont bother writing as they wont reply.

  wiz-king 09:02 06 Jan 08

Just a few facts.

Your licence fee is to the government and it allows you to watch any licenced channel not just the BBC.

You have a 'general licence' that is given free to you for radio - again for any licenced channel, so you can listen to your hearts content both in your home and car.

The BBC can only respond to complaints about its programs, and I have found them responsive whenever I have complained, but that may be because I have commented in a civil manner and not ranted at them.

  Quickbeam 09:35 06 Jan 08

What we have now is not going to revert to the three quality channels of yesteryear.

However I find that freeview gives me enough of 'thinking' telly.

My viewing habits have changed as well, 20 years ago I was a watch anything addict, now along with not wanting to spend my life developing square eyes, I'm much more discriminating in what I watch.

Freeview combined with a HD recorder for catching the great programs that are on when I'm either at work or silly times of the early morning is a very good combination.

I think that you need to reappraise your opinions of what they were 10/20 years ago... 'times have a changed'.

  Forum Editor 09:39 06 Jan 08

that to a certain extent you are the architect of your own problems. It's irresponsible to say " ...was going to let it escalate until they got serious then tell to stick their licence", and of course you paid the price for being so silly - you lost your right to spread the cost over the year.

There's no reason why the BBC should allow you a discount on the licence fee, and I'm surprised that you feel they should.You may be 'disgusted' by what you have to pay, but that's the law - we all have to do it if we want to watch TV. Saying "Oh & they are regularly defrauding phone contestants." is another silly comment, and is defamatory - do you have any evidence whatsoever that will substantiate your allegation? I doubt it very much.

  egapup 10:02 06 Jan 08

The BBC should be more accountable, paying that idiot Ross £18,000,000 should have been put to a vote.

  CatTrading 13:41 06 Jan 08

i spent 3 years without a tv & never missed a thing.
had the radio & the Net to look at news from.

even got a visit from the tv licencing people who could belive i did not own a tv.
over a mug of tea they soon realised i did not own or want one!

  interzone55 14:45 06 Jan 08

You are not required by law to own a television, get rid of it and save the whole licence fee.

  knockin on 18:22 06 Jan 08

The BBC message board for TV debate-
click here
-has numerous discussions about TV licensing fees. Topics covered are (amongst others):
Am it or aint it werf it?
wood yu get away wiv killin the licensin man wot keeps askin yu two pay it?
Ow can I not av to pay it and still wach telli?
A damn good read IMHO. Incidentally, there is a positive way to, legally, achieve the desire expressed in the last question, as I am sure many of you will know.

Happy Viewing

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:37 06 Jan 08

Top Gear, Coast, Cranford,Boys from Baghdad High, News, One foot in the Grave, Vicar of Dibley,Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Honour Kills, Elephant Diaries, Extreme Pilgrim, Timewatch, Have I got News for you, The BBC website......and there is nothing on the BBC that interests you...I feel that you are a knitting addict and would be woeful in a topical, ethical, moral or historical debate.


ps Costume drama costs about £1m/hour to get on should not need to do the math.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:38 06 Jan 08

ps, again...and all for less than the price of a pint/week. I get the feeling that some people know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. :-((((


  MCE2K5 19:02 06 Jan 08

GANDALF <|:-)>, Not forgetting 'Meerkat Manor', Best wildlife program ever.

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