Beatles for sale.

  canarieslover 14:19 16 Feb 10

Obviously not in the same league as GB's proposed sale of Dover but it is another icon that is up for here

  johndrew 15:36 16 Feb 10

Perhaps if you have the option of charging all those who have their photos taken on the pedestrian crossing .....

  interzone55 16:03 16 Feb 10

"Obviously not in the same league as GB's proposed sale of Dover but it is another icon that is up for here"

hmmmm, wrong on two counts

a) it's not the Beatles for sale, but Abbey Road studios, and seeing as EMI have around £1.75bn debt mountain it's probably the only thing they own of value, seeing as Robbie Williams isn't exactly selling albums by the lorry load.

b) Gordon Brown has not put Dover ferry terminal up for sale, rather Dover Harbour Board has written to Transport Secretary Lord Adonis requesting that the port be privatised under the 1991 Ports Act.

  Forum Editor 18:18 16 Feb 10

but the pedestrian crossing must be worth a fortune - I drive over it regularly, and in the tourist season there's rarely a day when there aren't a few people photographing each other on it.

Needless to say, I don't drive over them regularly.

  justme 19:46 16 Feb 10

Are you saying that you drive over them only occassionally?

  OTT_B 21:19 16 Feb 10

Apparently even the pedestran crossing isn't the original. It was moved a few years ago.

  Forum Editor 23:06 16 Feb 10

It wasn't moved very far, it's still a tourist magnet.

  simonjary 07:31 18 Feb 10

I've already bought Abbey Road on vinyl and on CD (twice). I'm damned if I'm going to buy it on bricks and mortar, too...

  Input Overload 22:12 20 Feb 10

I'm sure Sir Paul can afford it out of his petty cash box.

  Forum Editor 22:44 20 Feb 10

Andrew Lloyd Webber has apparently found £30 million lying around in a drawer at home, and he's going to save Abbey road studios.

  Input Overload 13:28 21 Feb 10

I was going to buy them but it's a bit of a tight months with the car service etc.

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