Bear gets criminal record

  Kemistri 14:40 14 Mar 08

Definitely the daftest thing I have read this week. click here

A court judge in Macedonia has "convicted" a bear of theft! Apparently, he had a penchant for honey. The defendant was found guilty in his absence and fined 140,000 denars, which the state has to pay because, of course, bears have no money.

A police sketch artist *may* have drawn this image of the culprit: click here

  Quickbeam 15:47 14 Mar 08

Monkeys have been hanged in this country for spying... but best not to mention it if you ever go to Hartlepool :)

  Grey Goo 16:03 14 Mar 08

So the next heist will be done by blaggers dressed in Bear suits, kind of "Bear faced robbery".

  Legolas 19:48 14 Mar 08

If he wears tartan trousers then I know the bear you mean his name is Rupert and he used to be on the telly ;)

  Earthsea 20:03 14 Mar 08

It should get a job and buy its own honey. Perhaps appearing in public information films?

  rdave13 20:19 14 Mar 08

Should be served an ASBO. It'll surely heed that, as our own offenders quake in their boots at the mention of.

  Grey Goo 11:37 19 Mar 08

I have a criminal record,"Des O'Connors greatest hits"

  lofty29 12:16 19 Mar 08

Grey Goo,
threatening offenders with that would be a far more effective punishment than what the courts hand out

  Grey Goo 16:32 19 Mar 08

Probably not allowed on humanitarian grounds. I think they should have a piece of lead put in their ear, fired from a gun.

  sunny staines 22:31 19 Mar 08

might end up being a cell mate with basil brush.

  dopeman1992 03:56 20 Mar 08

i fink the best fing 2 do is not even bovva goin hartlepool its a shitole

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