Be Nice to Me

  laurie53 22:15 26 May 09

An absconder from an open prison claims he walked because staff did not give him a warm welcome.

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I know it's a cliché, but words really do fail me!

  tullie 22:22 26 May 09

You would have thought that the first thing police would have done is check reletives and friends houses.With a record like his,he shouldent have been in an open institution anyway.

  Charence 22:35 26 May 09

warm welcome??
walk out?!?!

"words really do fail me"

  Forum Editor 22:43 26 May 09

of a journalist taking a few facts and creating something rather different.

I don't see any reference to this man claiming that he walked out of prison because staff didn't give him a warm welcome. The article actually says that " was made clear to him that he was not welcome there. Prison officers he had come across in the past were keen for him not to be there." It goes on to say "Just before he walked out he was told that it was unlikely that he would be in Castle Huntly for the foreseeable future. On learning that he decided to walk."

Whoever wrote the BBC story obviously decided that the facts weren't dramatic enough, so suddenly we have this 'not being given a warm welcome' thing.

Words really do fail me, too, but for a different reason.

  laurie53 07:49 27 May 09

I just quoted the one source.

This is a fairly big local interest, and the general consensus of the stories, TV, radio, newspapers, is mainly in the vein I suggested.

They can't all be irresponsible journalists.

  sunnystaines 08:03 27 May 09

in france they are letting the cons out for a cycle tour around france.

if they did that here the cons would leg it on the first day taking the bikes with them.

the prison system was originally started to keep these people out of circulation and should remain so.

  Quickbeam 08:59 27 May 09

They must have forgotten the jelly & ice cream:(

  interzone55 09:22 27 May 09

You could look at your story from a different standpoint and use it to show that our prisons are too harsh.

After all, if prison life is as cosy as everyone makes out, people would be fighting to get in, not escaping at the earliest opportunity...

  Grey Goo 09:33 27 May 09

Why not put all the "Apologists" in prison and let all the cons out. The Apologists can pretend nothing bad is happening in their safe environment, the cons can do what they do so everyone is happy.
Oops! forgot about the rest of the population who bear the brunt of crime, still nobody gives a monkeys about them anyway so that's all right then.

  Quickbeam 12:49 27 May 09

The best reasoned argument I've heard in a while. Simples click here ...

  oresome 16:47 27 May 09

'The Hawk' caged after walk-out'

Had his wings clipped?

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