BBC’s “Do you do digital” Advert

  Brumas 12:58 01 Dec 06

Is it me or do you not find the whole thing rather gauche? Now there’s a word not often aired. It's cringingly embarrassing to watch, the once was enough!
Thank heavens for the mute button on the remote control!

  Brumas 16:36 01 Dec 06

Seems I'm alone in my dislike for this 'advert' - I am surprised!

  Jackcoms 16:39 01 Dec 06

"Seems I'm alone in my dislike for this 'advert'"

Not necessarily. I, for one, haven't a clue what you're talking about!

  anskyber 17:49 01 Dec 06

Do you mean trailer No.1 ? click here

  Brumas 17:59 01 Dec 06

Jackcoms, you are perfectly right I did not explain myself very well. :o(

anskyber, thanks for that. I meant trailer number 2 from your timely link. Looking at it again still makes me cringe!

  Pidder 18:21 01 Dec 06

Brat needs a clip round the ear!

  Woolwell 18:33 01 Dec 06

I am fed up with BBC's adverts.

Agree with Brumas about the clip - terrible.

Also why do they need to tell me that they have journalists/reporters in all the cities around the world. You have nothing to compare this to. Do other broadcasters actually have more or less reporters across the world? Perhaps the others are better deployed.

Please will the BBC stop wasting my licence fee on ads.

PS A bit of a generalisation but I have come to believe that the more a programme is trailered then the worst it will actually be.

  PurplePenny 21:50 01 Dec 06

It makes the same assumption that they make in all their 'go digital' adverts: that people haven't gone digital because they don't understand.

I understand: I haven't gone digital because I can't be bothered. I'll get around to it one day but it isn't right up there on my list of proprities.

  Apron 07:19 02 Dec 06

Thank you for the link. They are a bit embarrassing. I had a digital radio for my birthday and thought it a wonderful gift. We don't have TV, can I watch The Simpsons online? My son records this for me but I have to visit and have a feast.

  Forum Editor 08:00 02 Dec 06

that the BBC is a public service, and has a duty to inform. Their feedback shows that in fact huge numbers of people still don't understand what the digital changeover means, or that analogue TV will have been turned off over the whole of the UK within five years.

No date has been set for turning off analogue radio, but there are advantages in getting as many of us as possible to 'do' digital radio - the main one being that it consumes less bandwidth, and there will be rom for more broadcasting stations.

It's all about public awareness, and I would expect people in a computer forum to be more aware than most about it. Be assured that isn't the situation out there on the street, however; there's still a good deal of confusion and lack of understanding, and that's what the Beeb is trying to address.

  JoE. 10:28 02 Dec 06

FE - "but there are advantages in getting as many of us as possible to 'do' digital radio"

Even though the methods of listening to digital radio will consume more power, in effect counterbalancing some of the benefit of the energy-efficient lightbulbs we're encouraged to use?

Just a thought.

JoE :o)

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