BBC TV channel re-shuffle

  muddypaws 12:41 17 Oct 10

Just for info. It may affect some of us temporarily.
Just the first post- otherwise it gets technical!
click here

  Forum Editor 12:54 17 Oct 10

I wasn't aware of the changes.

  anchor 13:50 17 Oct 10

According to the report, this should only affect viewers in the following areas:

BBC One (Norther Ireland, Wales, Cambridge, Channel Islands, Manchester, Leeds, Tunbridge Well, Bristol)
BBC Two (Norther Ireland, Wales)

  961 14:36 17 Oct 10

better on consumerwatch?

  muddypaws 14:53 17 Oct 10

Probably would be.
FE didn't query it ;-)
Can you move it please if you so desire?

  muddypaws 15:36 17 Oct 10


  QuizMan 16:44 17 Oct 10

Hopefully, this is all to do with the launch of BBC HD on Freeview. The last I heard, things were happening on that front in early November.

  ams4127 22:12 18 Oct 10

Caught me tonight. Had to retune Freesat to get the Beeb again.

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