BBC Sports personality of 2006

  def90csw 21:19 25 Sep 06

So will the bookies favorite Darren Clarke win it then or will it go to someone else. I think the Ryder Cup Team will win the Team of the Year award though.

  Jackcoms 21:32 25 Sep 06



How fascinating

  Dizzy Bob 21:46 25 Sep 06

click here

More deserving than most i would say.


  mikef. 21:51 25 Sep 06

Even more fantastic acheivments by Jane Tomlinson click here

  def90csw 22:00 25 Sep 06

i agree totally with both you comments, sadly none of these 2 deserving people will get even a mention on the night!

  Forum Editor 22:34 25 Sep 06

when this award was a real event in the TV calendar. Sadly I feel it no longer enjoys the same popularity. I don't watch it any more.

  wee eddie 22:49 25 Sep 06

That's the advancing years for you.

You probably don't watch the the "MOBIES" or whatever the latest Pop award is called.

However, the teens and twenties appear to think that these things are important.

I shan't be watching either, if that is some small consolation. I have more important things to do like washing my hair, or playing with the kitten!

  Forum Editor 23:04 25 Sep 06

I certainly watch the pop awards - usually with my 22 year-old daughter. I wouldn't say she thinks they're important, but they're fun, that's for sure.

Forgive me for saying so, but have you considerd that your comments come over as just a teensy weensy bit patronising? I imagine that when you were a teenager you liked things that your parents found trivial, or have you forgotten all that?

  wee eddie 23:18 25 Sep 06

I can remember thinking that they were really important. After all, these were folk that one tended to emulate and knowing what they were wearing was of supreme importance.

When Paul Jones (ex Manfred Mann) went up to collect an award wearing an outfit (couldn't really call it a suit) that I had designed and a close friend had made it up for him, you could have heard me crowing a couple of miles away.

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