BBC Radio is no longer on Freeview after 4pm and 5pm.

  Aitchbee 05 Nov 12

At 5pm tonight I was lowering my venetian blinds after listening to a radio4 programme about cyborgs, when all-of-a-sudden the sound and picture on my TV which was tuned in to Freeview, conked out ... I thought it was the screeching sound of the blinds going down that caused this 'blank out'.

After a few seconds a red screen was displayed saying...

**This BBC Radio service is not available on Freeview: Weekdays 5pm to midnight Saturday 4pm to 1.00am Sunday 4pm to midnight You can continue to listen to BBC Radio services via FM, digital radio, digital cable and satellite TV, at or at individual websites. BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 1 Xtra and BBC Radio 6 Music continue to be available on Freeview**.

Has this just happened today?

  onthelimit1 05 Nov 12

Just checked here in Shropshire - Radio 4 still load and clear on Freeview. Regional thing, perhaps?

  onthelimit1 05 Nov 12

Or even Loud and Clear!

  Blackhat 05 Nov 12
  Aitchbee 05 Nov 12

Could be a regional thingy, right enough. I wonder if a retune might help.

  Blackhat 05 Nov 12

Just noticed in the link that it says from Wed 8 June, that would make it dating from 2011.

Maybe you could dig a little more in the BBC web site.

  Aitchbee 05 Nov 12

Thanks, Blackhat. It looks as if a retune will not help if you live in Scotland ... thanks to 'teuchters' TV (Alba) :o[

  Aitchbee 05 Nov 12

...not to worry, as the FM signal for Radio4 is still loud and clear 24/7, at the moment :o]

  interzone55 05 Nov 12

Get yourself a DAB radio, signal should be strong & clear in Glasgow.

They're not massively expensive anymore either

Argos DAB Radio

  Forum Editor 05 Nov 12

BBC Alba is watched by about halk a million people a one highlander and his dog.

  Legolas 05 Nov 12

Alba might be watched by one Highlander and his dog but last Hogmanay it was easily the best channel both up to and after the bells


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