BBC New Web Site!!!

  smartpoly 08:39 14 Jul 10

The new format takes a bit of getting used to.

Do you like it or not?

  wiz-king 08:40 14 Jul 10

Only looked at the news so far - not sure I like it.

  smartpoly 08:41 14 Jul 10

Where is that edit feature?

  Quickbeam 09:22 14 Jul 10

I'm not overly impressed, it gives the impression of dumbed down scan news reading to me, which I manage quite well on my own at times.

  Noldi 09:48 14 Jul 10

Not a lot. The old was easier to navigate. Now you go to UK news you have to scroll down to find English news. Before it was all in one place.


  Mr Mistoffelees 11:42 14 Jul 10

Well I have found it to be fresh, clear and easy to navigate. The BBC has done a good job.

  Uboat 12:19 14 Jul 10

Rubbish! i dont like it! & i dont like the fact you CANT switch back to the old one! Yes we will all have to get used to it but this is just my oppinion! i use that site at least 10 times a day! I may now choose a alternative.. i'd give it 4/10

  Covergirl 12:23 14 Jul 10

. . . they'll stop as they are!

And vice versa.

It's called progress/upgrades/redesign/revamp whatever you want - keeps somebody in a job.

As for dumbing down - perhaps. Radio 1 has always led the field in this e.g. a Newsbeat report may say the word "mortgage" followed by "this is the repayments system for the money you borrowed to buy a house", dumbed down for the naive out there.

Preferred the old iPlayer but I suppose we'll get used to the new one - not much choice really, is there? A bit like ISPs - We're changing the Ts&Cs you signed up for - if you don't like it, go somewhere else.

  Quickbeam 12:52 14 Jul 10

What happened to the proposed PCA changes?

  sunnystaines 12:56 14 Jul 10

I like it, But it seems there are less links to stories on the world page would prefer more links to stories rather than going via the continent links first.

the health pages seem shorter on links too.

  canarieslover 13:19 14 Jul 10

I don't think it is a change for the better, but as usual we are stuck with it, like it or not.

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