BBC licence fee 'to rise by 3%

  hijo 08:33 18 Jan 07

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how much more can our goverment squeeze out of us...

  lisa02 08:45 18 Jan 07

Like everything else it just gets more expensive. No doubt more people will become dodgers rather than pay.

I pay mine by DD of about 11 or 12 quid a month so I won't really notice an extra £1 or something added on.

  rezeeg 08:53 18 Jan 07

The BBC website alone is worth it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:11 18 Jan 07

£% is less than inflation. The BBC coats one and ha half pints of beer a week or two-thirds of a pack of fags...well worth it.


  MichelleC 09:27 18 Jan 07

I think the fee represents the best value for money out of any broadcasting organisation. It works out at 36p per day for a range of tv and radio channels, plus a huge website. I for one would hate to see the Beeb become commercial. The quality would degenerate to the type of quality we now are now offered on, it's once greatest rival, ITV1.

  Kate B 11:03 18 Jan 07

A below-inflation increase is extraordinary given how much fantastic content the BBC makes available. It's more than a bargain, it's amazing. We're lucky to have the BBC for such a price. Those of you with Sky pay a lot more for a lot less, quality-wise.

  Input Overload 14:32 18 Jan 07

I don't have a problem with an increased licence fee, the BBC well worth paying for.

  g0nvs 19:34 18 Jan 07

I don't have a problem with an increased licence fee, I got rid of my TV a year or so ago. Not missed it either.

  egapup 20:52 18 Jan 07

It's not as much as they wanted...shame.

  lisa02 21:14 18 Jan 07

Shame. I'd pay more to get more out of it.

If they could offer a half dozen decent new movies every month I'd cancel all my sky channels and pay it to the Beeb. I only watch the odd movie (1 or 2 a week) and sky one outide of the normal channels ie. 1 to 5.

  amonra 21:28 18 Jan 07

It's worth the money just to be able to watch a program without a constant barrage of intrusive adverts. If you want wall to wall footie and game shows, stick with rip-off Sky and leave the decent entertainment channels alone. If any of you have had to "endure" American TV programs, you'd be on your knees begging to pay a TV licence !

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