BBC licence fee:

  spikeychris 20:51 03 Jun 06

Simple question. Would you like to keep the BBC licence fee or would you like to lose it?

  Starfox 20:53 03 Jun 06

Loose it, they have lost most of the sport (not that I am bothered) and the quality is not what it could be, too many repeats.

  martjc 20:57 03 Jun 06

...but, why do you ask? Can you 'dispose' of it for us??

  jimv7 21:11 03 Jun 06

Bin the licence fee and stand on their own feet, if they could.

  Monument 21:11 03 Jun 06

Anyone who criticises the BBC only needs to spend an hour watching TV in the US to know why we must keep the licence fee.

It was not so long ago that ITV had two commercial breaks within an hour long program (after 20 & 40 mins) now that can be as many as four.

It is generally accepted that the BBC is the best broadcasting operation anywhere in the world and I for one am happy for the licence fee to remain.

  martjc 21:16 03 Jun 06

"It is generally accepted that the BBC is the best broadcasting operation anywhere in the world" er, not by everyone, it's not - certainly not by me!

That said, I think BBC Radio 2 is now much better than it was!

  Monument 21:17 03 Jun 06

Well who is better?

  spikeychris 21:55 03 Jun 06

Info: click here

  realist 22:07 03 Jun 06

To ensure access to quality radio and tv services with no advertising the fee is worth paying.....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:08 03 Jun 06

It is only about £2 a week...cheaper than a pint of wallop. Have I Got News For You is worth it alone.


  rdave13 22:15 03 Jun 06

Agree with realist and GANDALF <|:-)> ,fee is worth the radio and TV programmes without adverts. Some of their nature programmes are without equal I think.

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