BB price-war on the way ?

  Technotiger 13:59 12 Apr 05

Hi all, I read in todays' Sun that uk-online have reduced the price of their BB by £10 down to £9.99, and that as a result BT and others may have to follow suite. It does not give any other details, but I for one, will be watching with interest.


  Yoda Knight 14:25 12 Apr 05

Whats the fine print say though ? 128Kb being passed off as broadband with a 500M download limit ?

Be nice to have my costs reduced though

  Technotiger 14:33 12 Apr 05

Agreed - but as I said, no other details were given, but keeping my eyes open.

  georgemac © 16:08 12 Apr 05

only for those 4.4 million customers that are covered by easynet's local loop unbundled network

so don't think BT will be forced into drastic price cuts just yet (unfortunately)

  wiz-king 18:14 12 Apr 05
  esbe 18:17 12 Apr 05

Well I've just looked at their home page, and it's £9.99, but,on getting to the 'sign up' page it's £19.99!
Perhaps a glitch on their site?

  Totally-braindead 18:57 12 Apr 05

No glitch, its only £9.99 if you're connected to an exchange which has their own form of connection. Not explaining it too well but most exchanges will not have this and will have to be connected via BT therefore it becomes £19.99 rather than £9.99.

  jack 20:13 12 Apr 05

Thought there was catch as indicated by TB.
As the web page is still offering 19.99 for 500
as against the news flash
I mailed Support to see in my existing 'Opensurf'
account which is at this price [providing a I pay a year upfront] can be upgraded.

We await their reply.

  Technotiger 20:20 12 Apr 05

Hi Guys,

gonna tick this now -

click here


  esbe 20:22 12 Apr 05

Totally-braindead, thanks for the info.


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