Barratt Shoes go's into administration

  perpetual motion 14:24 26 Jan 09

Sickening isnt it, This is happening on a daily basis now!

I dread to think what 6 months time will be like..?

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  crosstrainer 14:28 26 Jan 09

We are heading down a steep slope without brakes. We are nowhere near the bottom either. Very sad for all concerned, and many more to come I fear.

  lotvic 14:30 26 Jan 09

We could all be 'footloose and fancyfree'
Or to put it another way -
shoeless, homeless and jobless
- but at least it will be Summer.

  crosstrainer 14:35 26 Jan 09

I'm a lucky one, having retired now, Nobody really knows how far down this will go. I can see banking nationalisation looming ever closer now.

  oresome 14:58 26 Jan 09

Barratt Shoes are continuing to trade. It is hoped that they can reach agreement with their creditors and remain in business.

  perpetual motion 15:25 26 Jan 09

Just a quick one, Did anyone see Gordon Brown this morning on the economy..?

WHY is it when one of the media in the crowd ask's him a question he CANNOT give a simple "Yes/No".??

He goes such a long way around & most of the time he gets that into what he's saying he doesnt anser the question concerned.??

  Quickbeam 15:34 26 Jan 09
  ventanas 15:45 26 Jan 09

Yep, I remember that well, No power so working by candelight, a limit of £1 every time you needed petrol, and a rail strike as well. It was taking me about three hours to get to work (Southend to London) nose to tail all the way, and a similar time to get back at night.
But we got used to it.

  crosstrainer 15:47 26 Jan 09

And the wartime ration booklet for petrol. Let's hope it won't come to that, Picked the wrong time to buy a large car :((

  ventanas 15:50 26 Jan 09

I just about remember those little orange stamps at the butchers - nostalgia.

  donki 16:34 26 Jan 09

As these shops (Wollys, Barratts) and probably many more close do you think the same bigger, more stable stores will buy up the retail space? In a years time are we going to have Tescos and Iceland stores EVERYWHERE?

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