Baroness Warsi

  morddwyd 09:10 AM 27 May 12

Widely reported to be some discrepancy with her expenses.

Genuine "oversight" or are they, to lapse into the vernacular, still "at it"?

  interzone55 09:16 AM 27 May 12

Not necessarily still "at it", as these claims related to expenses from previous years.

As I've said many times before on these types of threads, MPs are no better or worse than anyone-else, they're just the current Bete Noire.

Look at this little story from the past week, where Lloyds former anti-fraud manager was charged with defrauding the publicly owned bank of £2.5m. A story of gamekeeper turned poacher I think...

  spuds 10:28 AM 27 May 12

How can it be spite on the part of the property owner?.

Surely, all he did was report a matter that needed investigation, I wouldn't call that spite. He also seemed to make it clear that she had her own bedroom and key to the place!.

Let's face it, the public were told that the expenses mess would be cleared up, and public trust plus faith would be paramount in resolving the problems. Yet we (the public) are still being informed of possible wrong doings, past and present?.

We are even reading of late, about some of our so called Watchdogs who are spending far more on personal expenses than what they should do. So much for the Watchdogs who are suppose to watching over our (the public's) interests.

  spider9 12:59 PM 27 May 12

alan14 "MPs are no better or worse than anyone-else"

But of course Warsi isn't an MP - she has never been elected by the public. (In fact, in the election she did once stand in, she was roundly defeated!).

She is only in the Cabinet because the PM elevated her to the Lords and hence 'in by the back door'.

As always, the reports on this matter differ ever so slightly - the Baroness saying she paid what the hotel would have cost, her host simply saying she gave a donation for "..the inconvenience caused to him". And, as he was about to become her 'special adviser', I cannot see him asking (or her giving) too much for the 'inconvenience!!

But, then, I'm a bit of a cynic...

  flycatcher1 19:40 PM 28 May 12

I find the juxtaposition of this Forum Subject and the next one very apt.


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