Baroness Thatcher

  Flak999 13:49 08 Apr 13

The BBC have just announced the news that Baroness Thatcher died this morning from a stroke BBC announce death of Baroness Thatcher

In my opinion the greatest British Prime Minister since Churchill.

My thoughts are with her family, apparently she is to be afforded a state funeral on a par with that of the Queen Mother and Princess Diana.

  spider9 12:14 18 Apr 13


Indeed you are correct, even you and I had a very recent 'spat' which we healed (I think!) with the help of some elementary schoolboy Latin!

I have also had differences with FE and have been the target of some of his comments from time to time - as have many others - but I struggle to recall any instances, over the years, where the same has ever applied to one particular member.

Therein lies the chagrin of many members, I suspect.

  Woolwell 12:20 18 Apr 13

spider9 - With reference to your last 2 paras, I cannot find the examples but there have been a few where that member has been taken to task.

Personally I think that this is in danger of being blown out of proportion. I concur with mordwyyd on his sentiments. However I also think that there have been more than one occasion where a post has been made to see if the bait will be taken and usually it has been. Some of the comments are obviously done in the heat of the moment, at a keyboard and not face to face where body language can tell you a lot, and can come across as spiteful.

  spuds 12:22 18 Apr 13

Perhaps there lies the problem?.

Being an internet forum, perhaps people consider that publishing personal insults and apparent 'put-downs' is fine, but perhaps doing it face to face isn't?.

  Al94 12:55 18 Apr 13

Well off topic now, time for a lock methinks.

  Forum Editor 13:48 18 Apr 13

Thank goodness we have contributors here who are mature enough to understand that in an Internet forum it's a grave mistake to let your imagination run wild, and start seeing a dire conspiracy in every personal comment. If I did that I would have been out of here years ago.

Arguments occur, sometimes they become heated, and sometimes we all say things that, in the cold light of dawn we might regret. Apologies are not always forthcoming, but this is an Internet forum for goodness sake, what goes on here is not the most important thing in life. Everyone is entitled to have the odd moan when frustration mounts, but I am bound to say that it's a bit rich when someone who hardly ever contributes to our discussions leaps into the attack.

We have, as has been pointed out, all had our say about the funeral which was the subject of this thread, and now perhaps is a good enough time to follow A194's suggestion and draw the matter to a close. I'm sure Flak999 will understand.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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