Baron Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool

  WhiteTruckMan 17:18 13 Oct 08

Just out of curiosity is there anyone around willing to speak up at all to say that this person has earned or deserves this title and all the attendant priviliges that go with it?


  peter99co 17:34 13 Oct 08

It is a socialist thing to do and has no real meaning unless we take it seriously. I think someone is having a laugh. I thought at one time they were out to abolish the Lords altogether.

  ulrich 17:34 13 Oct 08

Where have you been, he got kicked out of the cabinet twice for some sort of wrongdoing and has just spent four years doing something in the European Parliament for which he is going to get a very nice pension.

I hope that helps.

  lofty29 17:39 13 Oct 08

Baron and baroness kinnock next, being brought back to help out

  peter99co 17:46 13 Oct 08

she is not up to a full b

  TopCat® 17:46 13 Oct 08

Good Lord!

In view of his current position in government he might well tell us to mind our own business! He moves in mysterious ways, you know. :o) TC.

  wiz-king 17:52 13 Oct 08

As he is no longer an MP he cannot be a minister, making him a Barron is a convenient shortcut to getting him back into government.

  peter99co 17:57 13 Oct 08

It is a temporary title then? Will they chuck him out when they lose at the next election?

  newman35 17:58 13 Oct 08

Pity poor GB, after now saving the world from financial ruin(;-),he will be 'finished off' by Mandy in the non-too-distant future.
Scores need settling!

  peter99co 18:18 13 Oct 08

It did not take him long to get into dressing up and being called Noble Lord.

  Forum Editor 18:18 13 Oct 08

on this ludicrous appointment, and equally ludicrous elevation to the upper house, but do not make defamatory remarks. Alluding to a person's sexuality in a derogatory way is also totally unacceptable.

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