Barking mad idea?

  Stuartli 19:50 01 Jul 09

Latest piece of interfering in the lives of those who help to pay their wages from our local council's busybodies, is the decision to "collar" those considered irresponsible dog owners.

Seems that PCSOs and police are to check dog owners out walking their dogs and ask them if they have suitable bags with which to pick up any doggy deposits?

Seems fair enough, but each dog owner will then be asked for their name and address whether they have bags or not.

Reason? To send a letter complimenting them if they have.

If they haven't, they will receive an enforcement leaflet, a dog dirt bag and a warning letter.

By default, this indicates that someone is guilty until proved innocent, rather than the traditional maxim.

What's your view?

I do hope it's not solely confined to pontificating along the lines of "..if you have bags with you then there's nothing to fear"..:-))

  laurie53 19:55 01 Jul 09

Why stop at dog owners?

Start questioning drunks to see if they've go a bucket of water and a mop with them, smokers parked in a supermarket car park should be asked to produce a bag for the contents of their ash trays.

  Noldi 20:25 01 Jul 09

"collar" those considered irresponsible dog owners.

Totally agree, when you have to pick you way through what other dogs have left to pick up from our dog. Recently when I contacted the council they informed me they could only give up one day a week to this problem. So maybe this has finally changed, bring back dog owner registration and put the money into tackling this problem and emptying the bins regularly.


Someone taking a dog for a walk should be prepared for the possibility of it fouling. No different to randomly stopping a car and checking insurance.

However, I don't agree with them being obliged to provide a name and address if they do have a bag with them, if that is the case.

my shocking grammar in the title there!

  John B 22:41 01 Jul 09

to clean up after their dogs is okay with me. The few that don't clean up give considerate dog owners a bad name; but the few that don't behave responsibly make a street / park/ play park (etc. etc.) so unpleasant (and potentially dangerous click here), that I welcome any move that 'encourages' more responsible dog ownership.

Why would anyone object to checks that may lead to a better and safer environment?

  spuds 23:22 01 Jul 09

Considering that our council employ 50 people with the powers to fine irresponsible dog owners, they have admitted that only one fine as been issued in two years, and that was only recently through constant public complaints and so called stepping up of "the procedures".

Contact our council to report dog fouling, and they require the offending dog carers particulars, "otherwise we cannot make a report". Sounds about right to me, on getting the problem solved :O((

  Grey Goo 23:38 01 Jul 09

Don't think you get a "Thank you for not causing our detector to beep" letter from the airport and some Gaulieter demanding your name and address. Personally I don't keep a dog, I just have to tip-toe through other peoples animal mess.

  mrwoowoo 23:55 01 Jul 09

And what makes anyone think they will give a genuine address?

  Stuartli 00:02 02 Jul 09

If you can't work it out for yourself...:-)

Your analogy with airline passengers is hardly appropriate as they are connected with safety and security reasons.

  Forum Editor 00:16 02 Jul 09

that people are being considered guilty until proven innocent?

They're being asked a question, that's all. If a Police officer stops your car and asks you to pull into a lay-by for a vehicle check, does it mean that you're being considered guilty?

The dog check is a great idea, and I hope it spreads to other areas. Calling a scheme that is designed to help stop dog owners from allowing their animals to leave a revolting mess on a pavement or whatever:

"....interfering in the lives of those who help to pay their wages from our local council's busybodies"

is well wide of the mark.

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