Barclays Online Banking

  BT 30 Mar 12

Is anyone else having trouble logging on to Barclays Online banking.

It was almost impossible yesterday morning, although I did get in later in the day. This morning I haven't been able to get in at all. All I get is 'Page not available' on GoogleChrome, and IE8 just sits there doing nothing.

It all seems to have happened since they upgraded(?) the website. Seems like another case of insufficient testing, although they have been promoting the upgrade for several months.

  Blackhat 30 Mar 12

I have spoken to Barclays businees banking as I have same problem, they say it started yesterday afternoon, nationwide and it should be fixed today!!!

I am now having to draw cash to pay my staff wages which I normaly do on line.

I also had to pay the VAT man today on line, I hope they understand the delay.

  muddypaws 30 Mar 12

I have just been on line and all OK here on FF10.

Was unaware of the earlier problems. In fact it was OK last week after there update.

  BT 31 Mar 12

Shortly after I posted yesterday there was a message posted on Barclays site saying that they were having 'Technical' problems, which persisted for most of the day.

I finally got logged in at about 6pm but had to re-enter all my login details.The 'Last Login' message at the top of the screen reckoned I hadn't been there since 14th November 2011, clearly not correct.

Can't see what all the hype about the new site was about. Its much the same as before just 'prettied up' and in my opinion not so easy to use.

  ronalddonald 02 Apr 12



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