Banks ...grr

  wiz-king 13:38 11 Apr 11

Barclay's bank don't want my money! I tried to open an on-line account last week, filled in the form on-line, printed it and sent it back by post with a cheque. Now they want me to go to my local branch with a photo-id but I don't have one and I work when they are open. So they will have to send my cheque back and I will go elsewhere.

So much for their on-line banking!

I will stick with the bank I have got, I have managed to do all my banking including house purchase without ever going into a bank branch for the last 40 years I dont see why I have to go into one now.

  Woolwell 13:45 11 Apr 11

It's not Barclays fault. You would have found this with any bank, building society etc. It is all to with the money laundering regulations which state that to open an account you have to provide id.

  whtdsob 13:49 11 Apr 11

This is standard with all banks now. It is to cut down on fraud.

  wiz-king 13:59 11 Apr 11

But I dont have any photo-id, I have never had anything with a photo on except a passport in the early 60's and I have changed a bit since then!

  whtdsob 14:03 11 Apr 11

Then you may be able to apply for a basic bank account

  Woolwell 14:20 11 Apr 11

Do you have a full paper diving licence?Barclays Bank Account Identification requirements

See the number to ring if you cannot provide the required forms.

  Housten 14:50 11 Apr 11

M wife and I are with RBS, but not for much longer!! We do not accept that spaniards should be in charge/control or whatever of our money. Yes we know what people say about Britons, probobaly being in charge of branches, BUT it is still spaniards in overall control and look at the number of times they have said 'we will improve' and have they? NO

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:54 11 Apr 11


would you rather that Barclays did not take account security seriously?

  wiz-king 16:28 11 Apr 11

Woolwell I do not have a current passport - it expired 30 years ago, I do not have a driving licence, or a nationality card.

I can provide utilty bills - if they will except ones from my computer as all utilitys are now online!

  spider9 16:54 11 Apr 11

Pity the government dropped the compulsory ID cards, as there would have been no problem for you, then! (:-0)

  QuizMan 16:55 11 Apr 11

Housten - I was not aware that the Spanish had control of RBS. I thought that only appplied to Santander (formerly Abbey)


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